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Internet Marketing News and Articles

LookSmart Adds 4 New Distribution Network Partners

Everything you ever wanted to know about Google – From Wired Magazine. Ah, they left this out though: United States Patent 6,678,681

Here’s a decent article on what you should know about Web Analytics – From iMedia Connection

SEMPO Gain New Sponsors: Google, Overture, and GO TOAST – This is a great thing, to see more major search properties acknowledging SEMPO. SEMPO’s charger is to increase awareness and promote the value of search engine marketing services.

Why Yahoo Discontinuing Google Results May Cost You Even More Money – You can pay to be included in Inktomi and for now, show up in Yahoo default search results. This article by Mike Grehan, explains how Yahoo will discontinue automatic inclusion for Inktomi paid inclusion in exchange for another index, which will need to be paid for separately. i.e. – you’ll have to pay Yahoo and Inktomi separately.

Web Marketing News

Commerce Department Reports Record E-commerce Sales – From CNET News

Jupiter Research, eMarketer, Google and Overture representatives to speak at SEMPO meeting in New York next week during Search Engine Strategies Conference.

Internet Surpasses Cable TV Says eMarketer – Reported by Media Daily News

Nifty Search Engine Tool – Queryster – Search up to 10 different search engine quickly with this useful search site.

Internet Search + Social Networking = Eurekster – Interview with Eurekster CEO from iMedia Connection

And for the SEO / SEM professionals out there, here’s a good article for you: Search THIS: Seven Steps to Rational SEM – From iMedia Connection

Nielsen NetRatings Search Engine Ranking

Snippet: “Search engines continue to be the primary tool people use to navigate the Web,” said Jason Levin,
analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings. “With the big search players having recently updated their search
capabilities, Internet users should expect to find even better search results from the major search engines
in the near future.”

The release reported search engine rankings according to Unique Audience and Active Reach.
1. Google – 39.4%
2. Yahoo – 30.4%
3. MSN – 29.6%
4. AOL – 15.5%
5. Ask Jeeves – 8.5%

These are the search properties that account for the vast majority of all search engine use. Not ranking well on these engines means lost opportunity. The most important reason users gave for using search engines was “can find relevant information”. Which is interesting given all the changes Google has been making to improve it’s results and Yahoo’s decision to rely on Inktomi rather than Google for default results.


Yahoo Press Release I have to say, the relevancy appears very good. Try it yourself: Yahoo

If you might be thinking whether this is significant news or not, take a look at coverage so far:

This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us – iMedia Connection

Yahoo dumps Google search technology – CNET News

Yahoo! Birth of a New Machine – Search Engine Watch

Yahoo Confirms Switch from Google – eWeek

Another interesting article from eWeek: Google Grumbles

Google And Yahoo Rev Up Their Search Engines – Information Week

Search Wars Heat Up as Yahoo Drops Google – E-Commerce Times

Just An Online Minute… Built-To-Order Search – Media Post

Yahoo! Revs Up Own Search Tech, to Mostly Cheers – ClickZ News

Cool Search Tools

Thought I would post links to a few very cool search tools today.

New Mozilla Browser – firefox 0.8 (new name and interface). I’ve been testing this browser as an alternative to MSIE and it’s worked very well. It’s fast, clean and I’ve had no problems whatsoever.

Kartoo Visual Meta Search Engine – This meta search engine gives an interesting visual clustering interface in the search results.

Eurekster – Shows personalized results. Basically, it’s social networking meets search engine. Shows a list of recent and popular searches which can be interesting.

Online Marketing News

MSN Kills Pop-Ups – iMedia Connection

New Yahoo Index (sans Google?) For example: – What’s not to like? TopRank site is at #2 – even if it’s an old domain name.

Dayparting – What is it, and should you be doing it? – From About Web Search

Google Hits 6 Billion Items in Index

Is bigger better? Google Press Release

Online Marketing News

No posts for a while, tsk tsk. What can I say? Business has been brisk.

Yahoo to Turn Stop Showing Google in Search Results – Kevin Lee makes argument for XML feeds for Inktomi inclusion in this article from Clickz.

Q4 Online Ad Revenue Breaks Dot Com Boom Record
Smart marketers are shifting dollars to new media according to this Advertising Bureau-sponsored Internet Revenue Report, conducted independently by the New Media Group of PricewaterhouseCoopers. – Article from IQ Interactive

Online Ad Media Increases Share iMedia Brand Summit.

Lycos Retooling to Social Network Model Outsources all display advertising sales to 24/7 Real Media. With over 100 social network sites out there, it will be interesting to see what comes of this change at Lycos. – Article at

LookSmart Looking Bad – Inktomi Looking Good

The loss of MSN as a major client really hit LookSmart hard. It’s a familiar scenario – remember what happened with RealNames? They say they’re restructuring, but how will LookSmart ever make up for losing such a huge client? Article from Media Daily News

New results on MSN search will come from Inktomi, which is now owned by Yahoo. Inktomi will also power the default search results on Yahoo since the relationship with Google is terminating. If a website is not ranking well with Inktomi sourced search engines, then any traffic from Yahoo and MSN will pretty much disappear.

IT Companies Optimistic About Growth in 2004

Snippet: “Research firm IDC this week completed a Tech Marketing Barometer survey, designed to assess the level and direction of tech marketing spending over the next six to 12 months.”

We’re seeing the effect of technology companies increasing marketing budgets already. Plus, more companies are taking online marketing for high tech companies more seriously. Of particular note is the mix between keyword optimization and online public relations.

Article from BtoB Online

Online Marketing Articles

Web Sites Test Local Search Marketing

eCommerce Times:
Saving Your Web Site from the Search Abyss

Search Engine Journal:
Microsoft Beta Testing New Search Engine

B2B Marketing – Better Targeting

Article from iMedia Connection

Snippet: “Now a B2B marketer can target online by industry classification in combination with traditional parameters such as geolocation, age, sex, income and what user behavior reveals about their interests,‚Äù says Dave Morgan, CEO of TACODA.”