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Online Marketing News

Business Blog Consulting – From Rick Brunner. A collection of examples of business blogs and resources related to business blogging.

As a member of, I finally have a GMail account. Am looking forward to checking it out first hand!

IAB Reports Ad Revenue Up 21 Percent – According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)/PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Interactive Advertising Revenue Report. Keyword search led growth in 2003, accounting for more than a third–or $2.6 billion–of the industry total for the year. From Media Daily News

Interesting Article on search engine optimization (SEO) and reputation management – from iMediaConnection

Search Engine and Online Marketing News

New Meta Search Engine Launches, Ice Rocket
This meta engine says it searches seven popular search engines. Most search results appear to come from: Google, Yahoo!, Alta Vista, Teoma and AlltheWeb. I tried quite a few searches and the SERPs were pretty good. Definitley check it out.

TopRank Search Engine Optimization Service to be included in Seth Godin’s new eBook, “Bull Market”. It’s basically a directory of creative people and firms. When it’s available, we’ll post a link.

What’s a Wiki? – This looks very cool for project collaboration purposes.

Online Marketing and Search Engine News

Google Debuts Expanded Local Targeting Capability – From MediaDailyNews

NPR has been running an interesting series titled “The Search Engine Wars

Here’s a specific story on search engine optimization – It covers briefly what most SEO firms do, ethical optimization, and then gets into “gaming Google” and covers below board tactics used by rogue SEOs and how search engines deal with those tactics. In the end, the continuing efforts made by search engines to minimize manipulation and improve search results is better for everyone.

Study: Internet users loyal to search engines – From DMNews

One Word Search is Over – Two-word and three-word search phrases have grown in popularity. From eMarketer

New Amazon Search Engine – From eWeek

Online Marketing and Search Engine News

How Important is On-Site Search? – MarketingVox

Marketing Services Drive Yahoo! First-Quarter Revenues up 91 Percent – Media Daily News

WebTrends Parent to Acquire WebPosition Gold
Benefits of the combination touted by First Place software include:
* Comprehensive solutions for Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
* A more holistic view of the website: its content, structure, and flow; including greater insight into how visitors and search engines interact with the website
* Guidance on how to properly design web pages to convey information that is most relevant to the searches being conducted by Internet users
* Accelerated ROI across all Web initiatives
I am very interested to see what his combined product will look like. Integration of web site analytics more closely with on-page optimization could prove to be a very useful tool.

Google Extends AdWords Reach: Gmail No Hoax

In a Google AdWords announcement today, two new developments were announced regarding improvements with Google AdWords.
“We’re pleased to introduce two improvements to AdWords that will help improve your ROI and help you reach additional targeted prospects. First, we’re adjusting the price of certain clicks based on expected value to help ensure better performance for advertisers. Second, we’re extending the reach of contextually-targeted advertising to ads in approved email programs, including Gmail and HTML newsletters.”

Other coverage on Google Gmail from MediaDailyNews Blog of Blogs – Goes live today.

Google Moonbase, Copernicus, Now Hiring ;)

Work for Google on the Moon -Am not too sure how appealing de-oxygenated cubicle dwelling experiments sounds…. – Nice April Fools joke from Google.

Google Search Engine News

Gmail – Google’s new email service began testing today. Some SEO sites have hinted it may be a April Fool’s joke, but I am thinking not. With 1gig of storage, it could be a pretty cool email service.

Google Surpases Yahoo for Overall Referrals – According to Websidestory, Google has reached an all-time high in U.S. search referral market share – surpassing Yahoo.