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Online Marketing

Overture Announces Local Match – New feature allows you to assign specific geographic locations to keywords. To sign up for Local Match, you create an account by entering basic company info and location information. Keywords can be entered manually or imported from your Precision Match account if you are already using Overture. You add funds separate from your Precision Match account.

Ads are displayed the same as regular Overture sponsored listings, but when the ad is clicked on, instead of going to your site, a “Locator” page appears, displaying your address, store hours, a map, a link to your Web site.

I’m not keen on the Locator page concept as a web site or landing page would be more effective. Google has offered Regional and Local targeting for a while now and those ads go directly to the advertiser’s web site instead of an intermediary page.

1 Gig of Email Storage

With all the noise about Google Gmail (which I like using) I have not noticed too many other providers other than Yahoo offering increased email storage.

Here’s another:
Rediffmail – 1 Gig.

Also, here’s a cool deal: I read about this at Wil Wheaton’s site.
You can donate your Gmail invite to troops for use sending large graphic, movie files, etc.

Online Marketing

Google AdSense Announces New Features
*WebSearch plus AdSense for search – Allows you to add Google search within the pages of your own sites and “monetize” the search results via Google ads.

*AdSense preview tool – Enables you to preview the types of ads that would appear before making your ad criteria selections live.

*Additional Scandinavian languages have been added as well.

Business Executives Frustrated with Consumer Search Engines – Conclusion of a recent study reported by eMarketer. If you’re involved with B2B search engine marketing or SEO, this article is a good read.

Interestingly enough, a new Business Search Engine Launched –

ClickZ Marketing Excellence Awards 2004

ClickZ is taking nominations for their 2004 Marketing Excellence Awards. If you like this blog, feel free to nominate us in the Business/Marketing Blog category.

Online Marketing

Big Company Marketing Execs Plan to Continue Internet Spending – From Media Daily News

Thousands of bloggers without access to their blogs – From Wired News

Blog readers are more mature and affluent than expected and more prone to click on ads and buy online – From eMarketer

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo rolled out it’s new email program today: 100mb of storage for the free accounts. I have a Yahoo Plus account ($19.99/year for extra storage) and they’ve increased the storage to 2 gigabytes. Not bad, although since the free account now offers 100mb there’s no reason to pay additional fees. Unfortunatley I have not been unable to log in to Yahoo mail for most of the day today.


Google started expanding the Gmail universe by offering the initial 1000 invites the opportunity to invite up to 3 more users each. Then about a month or two ago the most active users were offered an account. Once you have an account for a month, you can invite more users. After your invites have an account for amonth they are offered the opportunity to invite more users.

Today Google sent out an email to AdWords advertisers offering Gmail accounts which should increase the number of Gmail users significantly. I’ve been getting random requests for Gmail accounts lately. I had posted my Gmail address on this blog in the past but have taken it down. I am only sending invites to people I know at this time. Soon enough it will be as easy to get a Gmail account as it is to sign up for a Yahoo account.

Marketing Blogs

It’s been nearly a month since my last post – busy, busy.

Larry Chase of Search Engine for Marketers and Anne Holland from Marketing Sherpa recently released their respective lists of Marketing Blogs.