Archives for September 2004

Search Engine News

Search Engine News :: Search Engine Lowdown: Google Exec Spills the Beans!: “* 28% of Google searches are for a ‘product name’, 9% are for a ‘brand name’ and 5% are searches for a ‘company name’. ‘Brand’ keywords also have a 8x higher ROI than generic keywords.”

Google Browser

Google registered the domain name, Hmmm. The Mozilla Firefox browser would be an awesome basis for a Google Browser. Bring it on. From

Online Marketing

Marketers Increasing Online Marketing Budgets – DIRECT magazine’s recent survey of its readers shows more money moving online.

Google Local Gets Updated. Now includes maps with business locations marked in search results. This is a nice upgrade and appears to work pretty well. – from Google Weblog

AOL to Launch Shopping Comparison Site. “About ten percent of online holiday shoppers visited a comparison shopping site like this last year, showing that they’ve become popular, but still have much growth potential.” from MarketingVox

Firefox 1.0 Now Available – I’ve been using this browser for a year and it’s by far a favorite over Opera or any other non-MSIE browser.