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Lee Odden

Search Engine Strategies 2004 Sweden

Lee Odden on Oct 28th, 2004     Online Marketing

Search Engine Strategies

Live From SES Sweden – Search Engine Watch Forums Moderator, rustybrick (Barry Schwartz), posts on several sessions from the Search Engine Strategies Conference.

I went to the SES conference in San Jose this summer and it was excellent. Julie from our team is going to SES Chicago in December. I highly recommend attending at least one SES event. The sessions are very informative, the networking is great and of course the libations are always good too. (Google Dance)

I should also mention that the Webmaster World Search Conference is coming up in November. It will be in Las Vegas and should be a great event for the more technical side of SEO. I will try to post live from the event if I can.

Lee Odden

Firefox Browser – Take Back the Web

Lee Odden on Oct 26th, 2004     Online Marketing

Get Firefox!
There have been over 6 million downloads of Firefox so far and Internet Explorer users are switching left and right. The cool thing is Firefox imports your Favorites, settings and other information, so you don’t lose anything. Plus it’s FAST. You can download the free Firefox Browser here

Lee Odden

Google Desktop Search

Lee Odden on Oct 14th, 2004     Online Marketing

Google Desktop SearchToday Google launched it’s desktop search tool. Very much like the tool offered by Blinkx, except its from Google! Maybe Google is not working on a browser and it was the desktop search all along. I’ve downloaded it and it’s going through about an hour indexing process right now. After I try it out for a while, I’ll post again on how it works. From Search Engine Lowdown.

Lee Odden

Gmail Notifier

Lee Odden on Oct 7th, 2004     Online Marketing

Gmail Notifier

Here’s a pretty cool tool that notifies you when you have mail in your Gmail account even if you’re not logged in. The other new feature recently added to Gmail is the ability to forward mail from Gmail to any other account.

To get a Gmail account, you need to get an invite from a current Gmail account holder.

Lee Odden


Lee Odden on Oct 4th, 2004     Online Marketing

GBlog: This is a new, free blogging app that is available. I have not downloaded and installed to a web server yet. If anyone has experience with this blogging app, post or email me. I am curious about what experience you’ve had with it. Not that I’m looking for an alternative to, but it’s good to see what else is out there.

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