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More on Folksonomy

By Lee Odden     Online Marketing

As a follow up to the post on Nick’s excellent post on Folksonomies, here are some additional notes on sites that use tags to organize information.

Tagsurf – In the tagging spirit of Flickr and, Tagsurf is an online message board which uses tags to help organize subjects instead of threads or channels. Currently in “Alpha” but seems to be picking up steam. Definitely worth checking out.

Furl – I list this one because Technorati tag search results are now pulling tag data from and Furl. Furl allows you to archive web pages and provides up to 5 gigabytes of storage. Your collections of archived pages can be private or public and you can “share” ie promote, your archived pages via email or RSS feed. And, uh, it’s part of Looksmart.

Flickr – Beta photo sharing service allows you store and share photos with notes, comments and tags. Absolutely worth checking out if you haven’t. If you’re a company you should be posting product shots here. However, the focus is on personal photo sharing and search. Included in Technorati tag search results. – A social bookmarks site that allows you to save favorite web pages to a collection of links and then categorize the pages with keywords. Your bookmark collection comes with a RSS feed which can be promoted like any other RSS feed. Included in Technorati tag search results.

I’m experimenting with each one to better understand the opportunities for tag based blog and RSS publishing. I’ll post follow ups as I have more data to share.

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