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Blog Marketing Tips

Here are a few quick tips we’ve used to rank #1 on Google for targeted terms as well as increase the number of unique visitors to this blog 300% in the past month. However, execution and timing are key.

1. Be sure your blog template is optimized for search engines like you would a web site

2. Submit the blog everywhere you would submit a web site: search engines, directories, linking, etc

3. Submit the blog to blog and RSS search engines, directories and news aggregators

4. Use Technorati tags in your blog posts and bookmark your posts in and even flickr your product images – folksonomies are your future

5. Ping your blog posts to all major blog/RSS aggregators with each post – automate this if you can

Yahoo’s Fourth Quarter Profit Triples

Yahoo has posted its fourth quarter earnings report, and reports that profits have tripled. From InsideGoogle

The well covered issue of comment spam & nofollow

Google, Yahoo, MSN, several major blog software services are supporting the implementation of a nofollow link attribute in an effort to quell comment spam. Of course this relies on the owner of the blog or web site to actually implement the tag properly or at all, in order for it to be effective. As far as blogs go, I would expect the 80/20 rule probably applies in that the smaller percentage of blogs recieve the majority of traffic. Those bloggers are most likely to be very savvy to the comment spam issue because of their visibility and involvment. They’re most likely to start using such a tag. But it will take a long time without mass acceptance which appears to be happening.

How and why to use a blog for business

An article in Fortune by legendary ad executive, David Kirkpatrick, tells how he uses blogs and how companies can use them in their marketing—without being crushed.

Here are some highlights from the article on how blogs are changing the relationship between consumers, corporations and advertisers:

* Blogs can serve as a trusted source
* They can provide companies with reliable feedback
* They provide an outlet for happy and unhappy customers
* They can serve as a reality check
* They can help companies reach an influential audience

From David Kirkpatrick – Fast Forward – FORTUNE

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Google launches Picasa 2

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Blog & RSS Feed Promotion

There are several sites in my Blog/RSS promotion bookmarks folder that I’ve found very useful, so I’m posting them here. Hope you find them useful as well.

About Trackbacks

Trackback tool

Convert Google search results to RSS

List of blog and RSS search engines

Blog & RSS directories

Submit to 15 Feed aggregators

Submit RSS feed

Ping your blog

Bookmark/share your blog posts

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Google wants ‘dark fiber’

Tech News on ZDNet reports that Google is advertising for a job posting seeking experts in fiber optic network field. “Is Google planning to build a global fiber optic network from scratch? And, if so, why?”

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Google Link Popularity Analysis Tool

Rusty Brick posts a new Google Link Popularity Tool for analyzing a page’s link popularity and appears to be a “lite” version of the tool they offer at SEO Count. You’ll need your own Google API Key.

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Clustering Search

Search Engine Blog mentions a Microsoft project, MSRA SRC Toolbar which you can install to provide clustered search results. The tool is very much in “beta” as far as it’s functionality. You can only search MSN, MSN Beta or MSN News. Results are clustered in the left window and web pages in the right. Clustered results can be exanded to sub categories.

In comparison, Clusty from Vivisimo is far more refined. There was a good article on Clusty recently in BusinessWeek Online, “Building a Smarter Search Engine” If you want to get clustered search results from MSN, the MSRA SRC Toolbar is an interesting find.

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Does Google AdSense Face Extinction?

Cory Kleinschmidt of posts an interesting article on issues with the future of Google AdSense with some compelling suggestions for Google. AdSense Faces Extinction — Unless Google Shakes Things Up

Google founders good & evil on new magazine cover

Forrester Research to launch new business magazine. The lead story is “Is Your Company Evil”, see front/back cover above.

“Forrester‚Äôs value comes from our ability to provide ideas and analysis on the latest technology issues ‚Äì to say ‚Äúwhat it means‚Äù and to inspire clients to think broadly about the impact of technology on their businesses. My hope is that we‚Äôll be able to extend the influence of those ideas through new channels like the magazine.” From Charlene Li’s blog


Blog Marketing

ClickZ recently published an article on Measuring Blog Marketing

“What are the unique metrics for this stuff?” said Copeland. “Not people’s income and age, but how do these people really interact? Do they really get emotionally engaged and spread the word? That’s the whole next dimension of this stuff. That’s where the extra value of blogs are.”

Recent articles on why marketers should blog:

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