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Re-ignited browser wars?

Yahoo! Search blog reports some interesting FireFox Buzz Index numbers over the past few months and ends the post with, “Re-ignited browser wars? Stay tuned…”

MSN Search Allegedly Going Live Feb

On SearchEngineWatch Forums AssieWebmaster posts that the new MSN Search Beta should go live in Feb. MSN Search Out of Beta Feb. 1

This info is catching buzz elsewhere: SEOScoop, Threadwatch, SE Lowdown, SEW Blog

RSS Feed Submission Tools & Resources

Danny Sullivan lists some useful RSS Feed Submission Tools & Resources on the SearchEngineWatch blog.

TopRank also has some useful RSS & blog marketing resouces

Frozen SEO & Tagging with Technorati

TopRank is in Minneapolis and today it’s COLD. As in really, really cold – currently -16 below zero. That’s not the coldest it’s been here, I remember -40 below zero once, but cold enough to definitley stay inside. All the better for SEO!

Technorati has begun providing links to blogs/feeds via tags. An alternative to categories, it allows you to associate a topic name to a tag with each post. This is similar to the tags on, which we just started using with our SEO Blog.
Also mentioned on Threadwatch

Google Facts

Some interesting Google facts from a BayCHI lecture at PARC given by Marissa Mayer (Product Manager for Google) as posted by Alan Williamson.
“A very well attended (standing room only session), Marissa took us through a presentation geared around the user experience at Google and the efforts/lengths they go to.”

Some interesting facts came out:

1. The prime reason the Google home page is so bare is due to the fact that the founders didn’t know HTML and just wanted a quick interface. Infact it was noted that the submit button was a long time coming and hitting the RETURN key was the only way to burst Google into life.

Yahoo & MSN Gaining on Google

The Yahoo! and MSN search engines are closing the gap with Google by improving the search experience for consumers and that will lead to increased usage for those sites, according to a new study conducted by Keynote Systems – From Business Wire

Search Wars about to Begin

2005 report from eMarketer previews the coming fight between AOL, MSN, Yahoo! and Google for supremacy in the multi-billion dollar paid-search advertising market. FromeMarketer

Google Mini

Google has recently launched the “Mini” a smaller version of it’s Google Search Appliance which will be able to index upp to 50,000 documents. The Mini will sell for about $5,000 and will be available at Google Store. From

Search Engine Referral Market Share

Here’s recent search engine info as a percent of referring traffic:

Search Engine
Yahoo! Websites
Ask Jeeves
Alta Vista

Source: NetApplications makers of

Apple Spotlight desktop search

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more desktop search releases, ZDNet UK News reports that at Macworld Steve Jobs gets bold and describes Apple’s new built-in search functionality “Spotlight” as better than Google and Microsoft. Obviously he hasn’t used Yahoo desktop search because it’s been working fantastically for me. Much faster and easier to use than Google or Blinkx so far. I have not tried MSN desktop search yet.

MyMSN introduces RSS aggregation

“MSN product manager Brooke Richardson said the addition of RSS aggregation made sense, given the December launch of MSN Spaces, Microsoft’s free blog-creation service. As with many blog services, MSN Spaces blogs generate RSS feeds. The next logical step, she said, was to offer a way for people to subscribe to those and other feeds.” From SiliconBeat

SEO Blog

Recently I had this SEO blog redesigned by Thomas, our resident design-savvy SEO guy. Feedback regarding layout and content would be much appreciated. We want to make sure this blog is providing the kind of information you want regarding search engine news, site optimization, search marketing and online PR.

I’ll even throw out an incentive: I have 10 Gmail accounts to give away to the first 10 feedback comments. Please use a good email address otherwise I won’t be able to send out the Gmail invite.