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Search Engine Marketing Presentation via

Here’s a search engine marketing presentation I’ll be doing later in April through the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association:

From the site:

Organic? Online PR? Blogs? Search, she ain’t what she used to be. Join us at the April Seminar for an in-depth look at search engine marketing and optimization best practices, tools of the trade and tips for everyone from novice to expert.

Lee Odden, President of TopRank Online Marketing, will share his hardwon insights about the world of search. Geared toward clients and agencies alike, Lee’s presentation will cover what’s new, what’s hot and what works.

WHEN: Wed., April 20

WHERE: James J. Hill Business Library
80 W. 4th St.
St. Paul, MN

More info at

Vanity Search or Competitive Research?

A while ago Steve Rubel posted about Preople where you can search and compare the number of references to a particular name or two names.

Another search tool by name is Zoominfo – “A summarization search engine that creates individual summaries of people including work history, education, current position and other business affiliations. It features summaries of more than 25 million people and 1.5 million companies.”

Of course you can always “Google” a name as many seem to do.

New search features Yahoo, Google, Ask Jeeves/Bloglines

Several new search features of note have been added recently:

Google adds stock charts. Search for any stock symbol MSFT, GOOG, YHOO, ASKJ . Via Barry and Aaron.

Yahoo offers Creative Commons search which allows you to search for content that can be re-used for commercial purposes or be modified.

Ask Jeeves Bloglines now offers package tracking.

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Marketleap parent acquired by Acxiom

Acxiom acquired Digital Impact, owner of search engine marketing firm, Marketleap for an estimated $140 million. Previous unwelcome attempts to acquire Digital Impact were made by InfoUSA which withdrew its offer after the Acxiom deal was announced. Via iMediaConnection

Other acquisition news includes the purchase of Mike Grehan’s 2-person SEO consultancy, Smart Interactive by WebSourced parent, CGI Holding. Via Search Engine Watch Blog. Andy, you guys are on a roll!

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Google Van Gogh

Google Van Gogh Logo
Google is currently posting what I think, is the coolest logo customization I’ve seem from them. A tribute to Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday – March 30th.

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Yahoo 360 Invites

Thanks to Barry, I received an invite for Yahoo 360. It is indeed an interesting mix of blog, photo sharing and social networking. It’s very easy to use but would definitely help if you’ve used similar services before.

For now, I am limiting my initial invitations to people I know as I get accustomed to the service. But once that’s depleted, I’ll send TopRank Blog readers an invite. If you know me, send me an email and I’ll get an invite to you right away.

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WebTrends to be acquired by Francisco Partners

In an announcement earlier today, WebTrends announced that it was going to be acquired by Francisco Partners. Francisco Partners will work with NetIQ’s WebTrends business unit to create a new WebTrends organization as a stand-alone, private company.

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Web Traffic Analyzer Bought by Google

Urchin software helps users track and understand web visitors, performance of advertisements, and other site aspects. Google is expected to use the software to help web sites increase their advertising returns. Find out more – The NY Times.

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What’s it like for a SEO to be offline for a week?

For the first time in several years, I’ve taken a whole week off with no Internet access the entire time and I must say it was excellent. Normally I’m online roughly 10-18 hours a day so the first few days took some adjusting. Granted, spending a week in fantastic places like Sedona, AZ with my family easily overwhelms the daily grind of looking at a computer screen. Thanks to Thomas for making posts while I was away.

As always, the search industry is constantly changing and last week was no exception.

What’s next for Yahoo?

Following our post about the Online Marketing Blog/2005/03/yahoo-turned-ten-and-advances-their.html”>latest Yahoo! advancements, we now know what’s next at Yahoo!. Marc Abramowitz has pointed out; this site shows you what Yahoo has in development – check it out and stay up to date with Yahoo.

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Yahoo turned ten and advances their services.

Since Yahoo turned ten a few weeks ago they plan to make and have made some big changes – good changes. They plan to quadruple the free email space and create a new blogging service in addition to their recent desktop search update and acquisition of Flickr, a photo sharing community. It appears that Yahoo is making some big advancements this year and we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg. Check out the Search Engine Journal for a recap of developments so far.

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First Google’s AutoLink, now Greasemonkey.

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows users to add scripts that can affect any website. These scripts can block out ads, change the layout, and easily control the site’s design or interaction. Needless to say, some developers are not happy with it.

A few weeks back we talked about Google’s Auto Link feature in Google Toolbar 3. It stirred up Online Marketing Blog/2005/02/autolink-paranoia.html”>controversy because it would automatically link ISBN numbers to a bookstore of Google’s choice and automatically linked address to Google Maps. Now, Greasemonkey has these abilities and more.

Some of the scripts Greasemonkey can run include changing all Amazon links to include your affiliate ID, remove ads, makes GMail use a secure connection, change where NY Times links go and many more. Some scripts are quite helpful; however some scripts could become dangerous by stealing your usernames and passwords. Anything is possible, so make sure you research a script before installing it. Keep in mind, if you never install Greasemonkey, you’ll never have to worry because Greasemonkey and its scripts only work in the browser that installed it.