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Can Yahoo Make Tagging The Next Big Thing?

Flickr,, Technorati and Furl are four popular services that allow a user to bookmark sites, upload pictures, or mark blog posts with tags. Tagging is a form of organization, like categorizing information, that could become the next big thing and Yahoo could be the one to take it there. TopRank has been tagging for a while now, and we think it is a great idea.

Since Yahoo bought Flickr, one of the major tagging players, they could build their own tag search engine, or merge the idea of tagging into Yahoo search. Tagging is determined by the user, not by search engines, so your search results could be more relevant. If you were to use the Technorati Tag search you’d receive only results that were tagged with your keyword. Not only that, but you’d receive the newest information first.

Yahoo to increase free email to 1 gig.

ZDNet news is reporting that Yahoo plans to increase the amount of free email space it gives its users to 1 gig. This will help it compete as Google’s Gmail may be going public April first.

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New Google Blog

CNET has started up a new blog to keep track of the web’s search king РGoogle. This Google blog is so new that there is only one post in it so far. Nonetheless, it might be a good place to watch for Google developments in the future.

InterActiveCorp buys Ask Jeeves

ZDNet reports that InterActiveCorp bought Ask Jeeves for $1.85 billion. This follows yesterday’s rumors of the Online Marketing Blog/2005/03/ask-jeeves-offered-2-billion-from.html”>Ask Jeeves sale. InterActiveCorp hopes to expand Ask Jeeves to include travel & ticketing services and possibly a portal-type site to market all its products.

“We believe that in the future (Ask Jeeves) has the potential to become one of the great brands on the Internet and beyond,” Diller said in a teleconference Monday morning. “And by ‘beyond,’ we mean in wireless (and) in the search for anything on any device.”

Read more in the ZDNet Web Technology article.

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Google News Sued By French Press

Google is under attack for using images and content without permission on Google News from a French news agency. AFP wants $17 million, an amount that would hardly phase Google.

Via Search Engine Watch Blog and many others (rss).

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Ask Jeeves offered $2 Billion from Barry Diller Corp

IAC and Ask Jeeves are not officially commenting yet, but plenty of media and blogs are in regard to a $2 billion stock deal for IAC to acquire Ask Jeeves.

New York Times: “IAC/Interactive Corp., the Internet company headed by Barry Diller, is close to an agreement to acquire Ask Jeeves Inc., the nation’s fourth-largest search engine company.”

Wall Street Journal:
“Barry Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp last night was near a deal to purchase the fifth-largest Web-search service, Ask Jeeves Inc., for around $2 billion in stock, according to people familiar with the matter, marking an aggressive move by the electronic-commerce company into the Internet’s most competitive arena.”

Yahoo Flickr acquisition confirmed

The rumor regarding a Yahoo Flickr deal has been confirmed. Caterina Fake announced it on the Flickr blog today: Yahoo actually does acquire Flickr. So, what will happen to Flickr? According to Caterina:

“Flickr will be continuing on the path it’s on — to Flickr 1.0 and beyond. We’ll be working with a bunch of people that Totally Get Flickr and want to preserve the community and the flavor of what is here. We’re going to grow and change, but we’re in it for the long haul, with the same management and same team.”

Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo comments:

“To the Flickr Team

Congrats and welcome to the Yahoo family. It’s a big one but you’re going to be a very big part of it. You have a lot of fans here–probably even more after today. :-)

Yahoo dilutes Firefox commitment

“Yahoo said on Friday afternoon that a statement from the company’s Australian office on Tuesday, which claimed that all future products would be compatible with both the Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) browsers, was inaccurate.”

A rep from Yahoo in the US clarified earlier comments made that there are so many different services offered by Yahoo, they really cannot guarantee that all will be compatible with Firefox.

Full article at ZDNet UK News

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Google X Clones

The odd situation with Google posting a link to Google X and then disabling the destination site has become even more interesting. Several clones of Google X have appeared. ablaze clone, Tech info blog clone and this one. Oh, and one more from SEJ.

It will be interesting to see how long they last. The feature is cool and it’s too bad Google had to take it down.

Google or Apple PR folks should really get off the pot and respond. It reflects poorly on both to do the “no comment” thing.

Via SEroundtable and Google Weblog (unofficial).

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SEO Friendly Site Navigation

One of the most common issues with making documents more search engine friendly is the introduction of text in place of, or in addition to, other forms of navigation.

JavaScript is a favorite for mouseovers and more often drop down and foldout menus. Links inside JavaScript are not indexed by most search engines. If a search engine cannot follow links it cannot find the rest of your web site.

Many times an alternative navigation method based on text links can provide a solution. Another option to JavaScript or DHTML foldout menus is a CSS based menu that performs much the same way. Via, Tanfa offers code for vertical (read first) and horizontal menus. These are search engine friendly foldout menus – cool.

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Ask Jeeves Offers Firefox Toolbar

Ask Jeeves has posted a toolbar for Firefox.

Features include saved locations, local news, the ability to save images, web pages and searches plus a search box for maps and business listings.

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Privacy Concerns with MSN Paid Listings

SERoundtable posts details and links regarding MSN’s paid listing program and concerns regarding privacy. The new program will allow advertisers the ability to filter ads using demographic information from users that have signed up fo various MSN services such as Hotmail.

There’s more detailed description of the MSN PPC program at SearchEngineWatch and a very good article by Gord Hotchkiss on SearchInsider