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Blog search engine submissions

As I’ve been noticing an increase in forum activity in RSS and blog threads, several people are asking how to promote their blog/RSS feed. There are many options to this as there are with SEO, but one useful resource concerns submissions to Blog and RSS feed search engines and directories:

Here’s a list of blog and RSS search engine submit urls that might be useful:
Blog Search Engine
Blog Catalog
Blog Universe
Globe of Blogs
Blog Rankings
RSS – IceRocket
RSS – Search4RSS
RSS – Chordata
RSS – Nooked
RSS – RSS Network
RSS – Yahoo!

New Buyer’s Guide to SEM – SEO Firms

Marketing Sherpa has published their new guides to SEO firms and SEM agencies today.

As in last year’s report, TopRank Online Marketing was the only Minnesota based SEO firm included.

If you’re considering hiring an SEO firm or Paid Search Ad agency, these guides can help you:

  1. Easily compare and contrast 126 SEO firms and 60 Paid Search Ad agencies (in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia & New Zealand) to pick the right one for your needs.
  2. Calculate what your budget should be (before you start shopping for a provider).
  3. Weed out the wanna-bes and inept firms & agencies that are trying to make a buck on the $4 billion search marketplace but don’t really know what they are doing.

Multilingual Search Marketing

The Multilingual Search blog run by my friend Andy Atkins-Kr?ɬºger of Web Certain, has just added 4 new contributors.

“With contributors from Russia, Hungary, Denmark, Italy and the UK, and with contributors’ with experience of moderating for such organisations as Webmaster World, Multilingual Search is the only place for the latest European and global industry news.”

Well done Andy. If your business deals with search engine marketing in Europe, I would highly recommend subscribing to the Multilingual Search Feed.

Press Release RSS Feeds

Steve Rubel notes that Google now offers a atom format feed of its press releases. His comment says it all: “It’s more efficient for journalists when PR professionals post press releases themselves in a timely matter and simultaneously generate opt-in RSS alerts.”

Danny Sullivan lists additional notes along with the feeds offered by Yahoo and MSN.

This is one of the most efficient applications of RSS and I think we’ll see a lot more on this topic over the rest of the year. In fact, I just posted about using Online Marketing Blog/2005/05/rss-your-search-engine-pr.html”>press release RSS feeds last week with a list of applications outside the distribution of the feed itself.

As a distribution format, RSS feeds are perfect for press releases, newsletters and article marketing. Benefits range from unfiltered and near real time updates to subscribers as well as a method of improving link popularity and search engine rankings.

SEO Tool – Link Harvester

Aaron of SEO Book has updated his Link Harvester tool. It’s a link analysis tool that uses the Yahoo API for conducting link research.

Donna from SEO Scoop offers a great description:

“It shows you unique domains linking to the site, including the IP address and unique C block addresses of the links. It also isolates links from .gov, .mil., .edu and domains as these links are likely to have greater impact. It includes links to, whois, and Google cache near each link. In addition, it allows importing to .csv (Excel) format. Put your competitor’s url in the form and find out just how strong his backlinks really are, or use your own url and discover where your weakness lies.”

Google Page Rank Dead?

I noticed a Webmaster World thread this morning regarding the Google toolbar showing a grayed out PageRank for all sites.

Quite a bit of discussion on various search engine forums as noted by Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Watch Forums
DigitalPoint Forums
Cre8asite Forums
SEO Chat Forums
HighRankings Forums
SEOGuy Forums
IHelpYou Forums
WebWorkShop Forums
SitePoint Forums

Also with some interesting coments by Aaron Wall, of SEO Book:

PageRank is cheap marketing for Google.

PageRank gives the average webmaster very little useful data while giving Google tons of marketing at a cheap cheap price, also inflating link costs for naive webmasters.

Yahoo Mindset – New Twist on Search

Yahoo has added a new search tool to What’s Next called . As in, “what was your mindset when you performed a search?”. It allows you to dynamically filter the top 100 search results according to a scale of commercial to non-commercial sites.

From the :
“Mindset uses an intuitive slider in the interface, so you can set the bias for commercial vs. non-commercial results.”

More info on Mindset from Yahoo Research Labs FAQ. Also, Yahoo has a forum setup for Mindset. (how cool is that?!)

RSS Your Search Engine PR

Earlier this month PRWeb issued a about increasing their RSS feeds from a few hundred to over 15,000. What’s really interesting is the feature behind the increase in feeds that they’ve added which allows you to group press releases you’ve submitted into a RSS feed.

PRWeb has offered RSS versions of the press releases that it distributes for several years now. At a minimum I would consider them pioneers in the technology of press release distribution. With their new RSS service, a single feed for all releases in a group allows a company to benefit from RSS feed distribution without setting up a blog and without manually configuring the feeds. It’s automatic.

Press Release RSS Feed Promotion Opportunities:

Quiz your SEO and search industry knowledge

Rand at SEOmoz has put together a pretty good . Topics cover on-page optimization, link building, SEO industry and search technology with 32 questions overall.

Some questions are basic, some are a bit tricky. A few questions really have nothing to do with SEO per se, just whether or not you’ve picked up trivia from certain forums and blogs. Most of the questions are pretty good though.

If you’re in the SEO business, or work as a corporate SEO, I suggest you try out the .

There’s even a leader board showing who scored what. Of course, Danny Sullivan is at #1.

Currently my score is in the top ten as “toprank” which is proof those old test taking strategies learned at University can still pay off. 😉

Vote – Marketing Sherpa Blog Awards

I’m very pleased to mention that Online Marketing Blog was included in the “” category for MarketingSherpa’s 2nd Annual Reader’s Choice Blog Awards.

I hold in very high esteem as the single best resource for marketing case studies and practical marketing tips.

Please take a moment to in the Blogs on Online Marketing category.

Overall Categories:

General Marketing/Advertising blogs
Group Weblogs
Blogs on PR
B-to-b marketing blogs
Blogs on small business marketing
Blogs on online marketing
Blogs on niche marketing
Blogs on search marketing
Blogs in other languages

Some of my favorite blogs were also nominated. Please watch for them and vote:
Seth Godin
Marketing VOX
PR Machine
B2B Lead Generation Blog
Duct Tape Marketing
Small Business Trends
Search Engine Lowdown
Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Marketing News

Yahoo Recommends Movies – Press Release

Google Desktop Search now available in multiple languages – Google Blog

Retailers Search Spending Doubles – MediaPost

Don’t mess with the SEO

If you work in the SEO business long enough, it’s inevitable that one or more of your clients will get the bright idea to implement a site re-design or install a new CMS system which throws your previous search engine optimization efforts for a loop. There’s a good article from corporate SEO PJ Fusco on this at ClickZ called, the Law of Unintended Consequence.

Common, and AVOIDABLE issues we often see include:

  • Changing the url syntax of the site causing 404 not found errors when old page listings are clicked in search engine results
    • Solution: Plan to keep the same urls or implement 301 permanent redirects from the old pages to the new
  • Publishing a completely new design, sans any of the content optimization previously employed