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Back into the swing

I’m happy to report the “Mayan Riviera” is an excellent place to spend a week away from the search marketing business. Despite a little difficulty getting out of Mexico and lost luggage, it was an excellent trip with a minimum of Internet usage and lots of relaxation.

Thank you to Thomas who has, as always, done an excellent job filling in with timely and informative blog posts regarding search engine marketing and blogs. Be sure to check out his newest blog project, SEO Blog Marketing.

Google is tracking you to give you better results.

The problem with advancements in technology is the fact that the users’ privacy has a tendency to get in the way. Google launched on Tuesday and it now tracks where you go in order to give you better results in the future.

With the launch of Personalized Search, you can use that search history you’ve been building to get better results. You probably won’t notice much difference at first, but as your search history grows, your personalized results will gradually improve. –

Of course, in order for Google to track someone, they must have a Google account and be logged in. So if you don’t want Google following you, don’t log in any Google services before searching.

Yahoo’s My Web 2.0 Includes Tagging

has released an upgraded My Web search. My Web 2.0 allows Yahoo users to use the regular Yahoo search and save their favorite pages. When saving, Yahoo allows you to add tags to the page. Once saved, you can then search My Web and find pages that you tagged.

It’s also integrated with Yahoo 360 so you can connect with your friends and the pages that they saved in their My Web will be connected to yours.

I have yet to figure out how to search though everyone’s tags and saved pages. There is an “Everyone’s Tags” area, however I don’t see an ability to search just that. Maybe I just need to explore it a little more.

Yahoo Email Upgrade in the Works

is reporting that is overhauling their email client to make it look and act more like a desktop email client.

The upgraded service will feature e-mail caching to shorten response time, email message preview, ability to view more than one message at a time, quick search and drag-and-drop filing. Currently it only works in IE and Firefox, however if it doesn’t work for you, or you choose not to use it, the current version will remain an option.

The new won’t be out for a while yet, however it is expected to launch later this year. Lucky beta testers will see it in the upcoming weeks. Possibly by invitation only?

Will iTunes Make Podcasts Cool?

released an upgrade to iTunes today that brings built in functionality. Not only can you easily download and listen to Podcasts, but you can also sync them to the and subscribe to Podcasts. Subscribing allows iTunes to automatically download the latest Podcast when it comes available. Apple also has a special area in iTunes dedicated to Podcasts.

iTunes_RGB_9mm Currently, Podcasts are starting to catch on. They haven’t quite hit mainstream yet, however iTunes could help push it along. I know that I will now pay more attention to Podcasts and have already subscribed to my first one.

For those who don’t know, Podcasts are audio blogs. Instead of reading, you listen.

Google Updates Video and Blogger

Google has been doing a little upgrading over the past few days. First, now comes with photo storage. I read rumors that it was like 300Mb but I can’t find that source at the moment. Google also released the . The viewer works in conjunction with . It’s free and available for Windows users today.

Yahoo 360 For Everyone

Yahoo 360 Logo has opened up their social network, to everyone. Now, as long as you have a Yahoo account, you can get your own 360 account.

New Search Engine : Deepy

Tajseed Solutions, based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has a new search engine that is now in beta. The Deepy Search Engine uses results from and presents them with a few new features. Deepy relies on JavaScript, CSS and DHTML which allows for live spell checking as you enter your phrase in the search bar. On the results side, the number of results pages is always displayed at the bottom of your browser, no matter how big your browser window is. When clicking on a result, it opens within a frame on the search results page. It also has a zoom feature to increase or decrease the font size and a highlight feature that emphasizes your search terms on a resulting page.

IE 7 to Support RSS

Microsoft continues to play catchup with Internet Explorer. Not only is it supposed to have tabs, but it’s also supposed to support RSS. With a button that is integrated into the toolbar that appears when a page has a feed, subscribing to RSS feeds should be quite easy. Microsoft is also working on integrating RSS feeds into the operating system so that users can subscribe to feeds in other applications.

Tabbed browsing and RSS are features that are already supported in and Safari and it seem that Microsoft is just trying to keep up.

For more information, check out some of these articles:
Longhorn, IE7 to Add RSS Tools
Safari and IE 7, separated at birth?

Bloxor – Browser Based XML Feed Aggregator


Bloxor is a new browser based feed aggregator that is built with XML. It looks and acts much like an email client and is very easy to use. It comes with the ability to import and export a blogroll, add/delete feeds, check for updated feeds, keyboard shortcuts and a customizable interface. A free demo is available at the Bloxor site and registering for an account is free and extremely simple. The only downside I see is that you need to know the feed URL before subscribing to it. It doesn’t automatically detect it from a webpage.

SEO will get easier, spamming will get harder?

Those are the words that came from today during the Super Session: Search Engines and Webmasters at . There is a recap of the entire session over at and most of the information is a recap of what has been happening in the past year. Sounds like Google has done the most and are doing their best to make it harder for spammers.

TypePad Integrates Ads

TypePad Ads Though a partnership with , TypePad pro users can now take advantage of text-based advertising on their blogs. This feature can not only earn you extra cash, but can also pay for your fees.

“We’ve been working on a way that allows our subscribers to take advantage of the opportunities of text-based advertising. Starting today, TypePad Pro users can now easily set-up and integrate text ads directly into their weblogs, track their earnings with TypePad and use the money to pay for their subscription.”

You can set up the ads one of two ways. Easy or Customized. Easy does everything for you while customized allows you to configure fonts and colors.

TypePad also gives tools for tracking earnings so you can view daily ad impressions and ad clicks.