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Finally!  I thought I would never get a chance to check out the new Yahoo’s Beta Mail system. Today when I logged in there was an offer to check it out. I’ve had a Yahoo email account since 1997. I was hoping to get a chance to try this out sooner – oh well.

Yahoo Mail Beta is a bit like Outlook in the layout. I can say my very first impression was that it looked too similar. I liked that Yahoo mail looks very different that Outlook because I have both open at the same time and it’s easier to quickly distinguish them. Now that I’ve been using it for a little bit, I’m used to it.

The drag and drop is very convenient. I do wish the RSS feeds showed just the headline and the full feed if you click on it.  I am subscribed to only 4 or 5 feeds and it’s not convenient to manage them at all when the full posts are displayed.

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