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Lee Odden

Google Roundup

By Lee Odden     AdWords, Google, SEO

A few things on Google today that I decided to roundup all in one post:

Possible new Google interface. Anyone else seeing this? Via PC World

David Utter from WPN posts about an offline Google AdWords Editor application that is in beta, “invite only” mode.

“AdWords Editor is Google’s free, downloadable account management application for your computer. Now you can download your AdWords account to your computer, make your changes, then upload your revised campaigns”

Localizing blog points out an interesting TV commercial (notice the reflection in the TV) for Pontiac where at the end, the viewer is invited to search for Pontiac on Google. Business Week has a great article on Google advertising which includes a quote from GM’s head of sales/marketing, Mark LaNeve:

“We‚Äôre touting Google, frankly, because it stands for credibility and consumer empowerment, and we like the association.”

Nice combination of both push and pull marketing if you ask me.

Gary Price points out a new study by Google that looks at the most common characteristics for web page construction.

“Google engineers analyzed a sample of slightly over a billion document and extracted info about popular class names, elements, attributes, and related metadata.”

I have no doubt there are some insights into search engine optimization with this report. It just needs someone like Rand to decipher and reduce to a format that’s easier to consume.

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