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Lee Odden

Kottke Quits

Lee Odden on Feb 23rd, 2006     Blog Marketing, Blogging, Blogging News, Online Marketing, Rant

Let’s start the rant engine folks….

CNET reports that uber blogger, Jason Kottke has pulled the plug on blogging for a living. All I can wonder is, why it took this long? What kind of business model is micropayments? The guy needs to stop drinking his own Kool Aid and treat that blog like a business, not an experiment.

It’s a bit disheartening, really. So much potential and opportunity not realized. is one of the most popular, most visited blogs on the planet – #23 on Technorati’s list of popular blogs. Throw some damn AdSense on there Jason!

There are over 13,000 pages on that domain and over 450,000 inbound links. I hear some SEOs out there salivating. What could you do with a site like that?

Lee Odden for Sale

Lee Odden on Feb 23rd, 2006     Business of SEO, Marketing Industry News, Search Engine Strategies, SEO

I received an interesting call yesterday from someone who wanted to know if I was going to SES in New York because she wanted to talk to companies that might be interested in buying a domain name she owned.

My response without knowing the domain name was, “Thanks but no thanks”. Then she shared that it was, which was interesting, but not for me.

I am curious what a domain name like would go for? Who would buy it? I guess another logical question is, “Is really for sale?”. The whois info shows a holding company in NYC which is different than the info the person gave me on the phone.

If any other SEO firm received the same call and that did some due dilligence, please leave a comment.

Lee Odden

Google Builds Pages

Lee Odden on Feb 23rd, 2006     Google, Marketing Industry News

Google Pages
Who hasn’t covered Google’s latest bid to take over the internet, Google Page Creator?

Lowdown: Easy to use, 100 mb of space, requires Google account, url is like:, differs from blogger in that this is for static pages and blogger is for journal entries. Seems like Geocities all over again.

Also, here’s some coverage of the coverage:

  • A thread at WebmasterWorld discusses the ease of use as well as accessibility issues similar to Gmail.
  • David Utter at WebProNews gets in on the action and points out how Google Page Creator takes the wind out of Microsoft Office Live Beta and the interesting message you get if you use another browser besides MSIE or Firefox.
Lee Odden

Introduction to Social Bookmarks

Lee Odden on Feb 22nd, 2006     Blog Marketing, Blogging, Online Marketing, RSS, Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a way to archive what you find interesting on the web. The popularity of social bookmarks has waned with the growth of social networks but there are still several bookmarking tools in use.

Here’s a presentation that introduces the basics of social bookmarking and how marketers can take advantage of these tools.

Are you using social bookmarks to archive information on the web? Do you use social bookmarking as a marketing tactic?

Lee Odden

Search Engine T-Shirt Contest

Lee Odden on Feb 21st, 2006     Link Building, Marketing Industry News

Loren Baker’s linkbait-like Search Engine T-Shirt Contest has a sponsor, Spreadshirt. With the sponsor helping to foot the bill, there will now be 10 Winners. Loren is still looking for a graphic designer though. If you’re up to it, email

Lee Odden

Web Marketing Resources

Lee Odden on Feb 21st, 2006     Online Marketing, Search Marketing, SEO, SEO Tools

In my constant search for good online marketing information, one resource continues to deliver the goods. Since 1995, and that’s a million years ago in internet time, Larry Chase has providede an excellent newsletter highlighting useful resources for online marketers world-wide.

The Web Digest for Marketers offers both an Internet Marketing Resource Directory and an email Newsletter which has over 125,000 subscribers. There’s also an interesting Resource Guide that you get for free when you subscribe to his newsletter.

I’ve met Larry a few times at Search Engine Strategies conferences and look forward to another at the upcoming Search Engine Strategies conference in New York, Feb 27-March 2nd where Danny Sullivan and crew will be putting on another fantastic conference. Barry Diller is doing the keynote, so it should be a great show.

Lee Odden

Trackbacks and Press Releases

Lee Odden on Feb 21st, 2006     Blog Marketing, Blogging, Blogging News, Online Marketing, Online PR, RSS

Today PRWeb officially announced the launch of their support of trackback functionality with press releases. While press releases have traditionally been used to announce news to the media, PRWeb has pioneered a direct to consumer model that allows companies to announce news to a broad audience using PRWeb’s distribution channels.

The addition of trackback functionality creates a link between bloggers and press releases in a way that is not found elsewhere. Now when a blog comments and cites a press release distributed via PRWeb, it can send a trackback to the release, which will in turn create a link back to the blog.

Lee Odden

Brands, Blogs & Search in 2006

Lee Odden on Feb 20th, 2006     Blog Marketing, Google, Marketing Industry News, Online Marketing, Online PR, Search Marketing, SEO

The Magazine DM News publishes a supplement called “Outlook” each year that collects interviews and articles from some of the leading direct marketers and their perspectives on the coming year in direct marketing. Executive Editor, Mickey Alam Khan has provided a list of trends that coincides well with what we’re seeing “on the ground”. A few trends related to search and blog marketing:

  • Buzz marketing or word of mouth will be big – at least the buzz about buzz marketing will be big
  • Ecommerce will emphasize “interactions not transactions” per Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli
  • Mergers are acquisitions of direct, interactive, search and email marketing agencies will rise. This notion is supported by a recent report from AdMedia Partners (pdf).
Lee Odden


Lee Odden on Feb 20th, 2006     Link Building, Rant, SEO

My Yahoo news alert for “search engine optimization” sent me a link this morning to a Q/A article from about SEO. A small business asked a question about bringing more traffic to her site, saying she had paid for “submission” services with unsatisfactory results. Ugh, people still fall for that?

The journalist talked to a “SEO expert”, which was really a web design firm for some suggestions.

Here’s my beef with the article:

Web designers are not search engine optimization experts. In fact, it’s web designers that keep most of us SEO practitioners so busy. That said, most SEOs are not web design experts either, with few exceptions.

Flash smashing. The issue with indexing Flash is brought up. Recommendation: Use less Flash. What’s the problem with that? It’s not the use of Flash that’s an issue, it’s the absence of text.

Lee Odden

Optimization for Google Dictionary

Lee Odden on Feb 18th, 2006     Google, SEO

graywolf has made some good observations about definitions appearing above the organic search results in Google. For example, if I search Google for, “what is plantar fasciitis” it returns:

Where the first entry is a Google dictionary item. When you click on it, 5 links to different definitions are displayed. The link in the first position is what gets displayed on the main search results page.

One thing I noticed, and it could be a cooincidence, is that all the pages listed had “Glossary” in the title tag, high up on the page and in the url.

Barry follows up and shares some background along with his thoughts on how to optimize content for Google Dictionary.

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Lee Odden

Web 2.0 Press Release Marketing

Lee Odden on Feb 17th, 2006     Blog Marketing, Online PR, RSS, SEO

I just got off a conference call with David McInnis, founder of PRWeb, where he announced several recent and brand new services.

PRWeb has been diligent in creating the leading direct to consumer press release distribution model to-date. Currently, around 1000 press releases are sent out a day.

PRWeb has positioned themselves as the first Web 2.0 press release distribution platform and has hired a new Web 2.0 content manager.

New PRWeb Services: launched Dec 2005. Different than other url shortening services because it permanently redirects. Helps to avoid breaking urls. Good for bookmarking by making easy to recall urls. Also, free.

TopRank Online Marketing

Hey Hey Hey WordPress 2

TopRank Online Marketing on Feb 17th, 2006     Blogging, Online Marketing

We’ve upgraded to WordPress 2!

Not that you can tell on the outside, which you shouldn’t, but I’ve upgraded the Online Marketing Blog software to WordPress 2.

Most changes have happened under the hood and on the admin side. However, all the changes should make the blog pages load faster and better. :)

I’ve also upgraded the plugins for maximum spam protection and other various features.

If you come across any issues, let me know in the comments below.

Thanks Thomas

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