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Podcast Interview on SEO and Press Releases

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Last week I had two interviews on SEO, blogs and press release optimization. One was a podcast and the other published in a newsletter. You can find the podcast interview over at the Novita Issue Communications Blog where Ernie Landante keeps me honest and runs through questions on the synergy of search engine optimization and public relations as well as some of the mechanics of the press release optimization process. At least until I started making death threats. :)

The good people over at Web Certain have started a new “Ask the Experts” feature for their newsletter and in a brave move, decided to do an interview on SEO and blog marketing with yours truly. Topics range from Google dominance to how clueless most corporate executives are about blogging.

While I’m at it, here are some other TopRank resources on the topic of public relations and search engine optimization that have been popular:

Karen Sams from our PR Firm in a short video case study on SEO and PR.

Lowdown on Press Release Optimization – most popular post on this blog about the topic.

Blog Optimization – my post over at Search Engine Journal

Also, here are some presentations on combining facets of Public Relations with SEO for marketing:

ACCM Catalog Conference: 15 Sizzlin Hot Search Marketing Ideas (my five tips were all about the SEO and PR thing)

Bulldog Reporter: Mastering SEO for PR: How Search Engine Optimization Can Supercharge Your Results

WebmasterWorld Pubcon: Search Marketing and Public Relations

MIMA Search Engine Smarts: Organic SEO, Online PR and Blogs.

Coming up next week is the DM Days conference in NYC where I’ll be providing online PR tips for a volunteered web site in a session called, “Search Engine Marketing – Basics and Beyond“. It will be a “pimp my site” sort of session without the funky hats.


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