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PRWeb Launches SEO Wizard

PRWeb has announced today the launch of their SEO Wizard toolset to help users create and distribute optimized press releases.

“The SEO Wizard will guide members in structuring their press releases in a way that will give them optimal results within news and search engines. The idea of search engine optimization, or increasing a company’s value in search engines by using specific keywords, has gained popularity in recent years. PRWeb’s SEO Wizard quantifies keyword traffic, so users can focus on the keywords that are popular search terms and valuable to their PR and marketing campaigns.”

This is a tool that PRWeb staff have been using and now is being made available to all PRWeb users. Here are a few screen shots:

PR Web SEO Wizard

First, the tool analyzes the content of the press release and offers a list of keyword phrases based on keyword density and placement in the release headline, summary and anchor text. Selecting any phrase automatically presents a dropdown list of related phrases. You can pick up to 5 phrases to analyze.

PR Web SEO Wizard

Once phrases are selected, you can choose to view similar phrases to the words selected or the most popular related phrases.

PR Web SEO Wizard

The resulting page shows a list of suggested phrases with Daily Queries, Monthly Queries, Correlation (Perfect, High, Medium, Low) as well as the number of occurances of the phrase in the release title, summary and body. At the end of the page is a list of phrases that are not included in the press release to consider adding.

This tool is a useful guide for suggesting keyword phrases specific to the characteristics of a press release. It will not automatically optimize a release for you – and shouldn’t. It does however offer a very convenient set of options for optimizing press releases all within the PRWeb interface.

PRWeb is easily the most progressive wire service available and I am amazed at how many innovations they’ve made in just the past month.

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