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Lee Odden

Reciprocal Articles to Replace Reciprocal Links?

By Lee Odden     Dark Side of SEO, Link Building, Online Marketing, SEO

Everyone in the search marketing biz is pretty familiar with automated emails soliciting link requests as well as those for reciprocal link exchanges. Normally, anything that makes it past my spam filter that alludes to some kind of link request just gets the big “D” for delete.

I received one this morning that was pretty interesting though. It was a solicitation to exchange articles, not just links. I guess those reciprocal link schemes are trying to appear more legitimate by using links within content.

Dear Webmaster,
I handle article exchange program for my client,

As an ongoing process to increase the link popularity of my sites, I am looking for some good high quality article exchange with my client’s site.

I recently came across your site through search and found it beneficial and informative for our site’s visitors. I would like to offer you a content link exchange with my site.

Please find enclosed article on “Why Use Permission-Based Email Marketing?”. (the irony of this is amazing)

If you consider this article a good fit for your website’s visitors, please feel free to publish it on your site. In this case, we would greatly appreciate if you included a brief reference to our website at the end of the article. For your convenience, I am providing the text and HTML code you can use for creating a reference and link to:

Your article/content will be added at:

Just replace the word “article” for “link” and this is just the same old automated link exchange email. I hope no one falls for this. It certainly adds a new flavor to link exchanges though.If this tactic is now being used via email, then I’m sure it’s something that’s being practiced by more aggressive SEOs out there and may not be so new. I play it on the safer side of the fence, so this just isn’t something I would ever recommend for a client or use for our own site marketing.


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