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SEO Tips for Walmart.com

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I was perusing DM News in anticipation of a new article coming out that I’ve submitted recently and came upon this one from last year:

Search Engine Guide Case Study: Walmart.com and What’s Missing From Your Web Site Team?

Many blue-chip companies allocate incredible budgets to their Web site development projects. It takes a top-notch, interdepartmental team to create a successful e-commerce site. Even with a crack team of Web designers, Web and database programmers, user experience professionals, content developers, quality assurance and project managers, an important component is often missing.

Though most do a great job at emphasizing usability for visitors and technology for performance, many of them miss out on usability and performance for search engines. Full article

I think most of the suggestions made are more or less still accurate which is not always the case in the search marketing industry: Make search engine friendly urls, use header tags and keywords, move JavaScript to external files and use text links or single images instead of image maps. I don’t think it’s critical to have HTML that validates though. Most search engines are pretty good and indexing some pretty crappy code.

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