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More SEO Goodness from Matt Cutts

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I see Matt has added 3 more videos including:

Session 4: Dynamic URLs, Sitemaps and Geotargeting
Session 5: (Adds background) 301 Redirects, Content Themes, Dynamic to Static URLs and Split A/B Testing
Session 6: Supplemental Results
I think there is a lot more to learn from this than just the content of Matt’s videos. It’s also an exellent example of creating excellent content which can produce an abundance of links and traffic.

Maybe “RocketGoogle” isn’t such a great name. Since these are really the opinions of Matt Cutts and not Google per se, then maybe RocketMatt? Or MattBoom?¬† Oh, and be sure to note the disclaimer.

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  1. Dave Starr says:


    thanks a lot for bring these vids to everyone’s attention. They certainly present a lot of useful information in a very digestible format.

    However, for those debating using video in their blog they point up a very cogent fact. Video for the sake of video has no value. Matt does nothing but talk to the camera. Nothing to see but his head … and one atrociously lighted map.

    The Q&A sessions would have been just as useful as plain old audio podcasts, and even more useful. One can listen to an audio file while doing something useful on the computer, driving to an appointment, exercising in the gym or jogging, etc. Video requires interruption and looking at a screen. My personal view is, reserve video for those occasions when video provides added value … pointing out spread sheet results, walking people through a flow chart … items which are hard to do with words alone.

    Best regards,

  2. That’s an interesting point Dave, but I think Matt is doing this on his own and figuring out things as he goes.

    Personally I think he’s doing a great job because as far as most of the audience is concerned, it’s the content that matters. Not a map in the background, nor fancy production or a set of boobs ala Amanda Congdon.


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