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SEO Nostalgia: I-Search Discussion List

If you’ve been around the SEO game long enough to remember the I-Search discussion list, then you know how useful a resource discussion lists or groups can be. Several of the moderators and people involved with the I-Search list have gone off and started their own SEO and SEM discussion threads over the years.

In this age of blogs, RSS and social media, these lists can still be a very useful tool for staying current with the industry. Actually most, if not all are now RSS-enabled.¬† Below is a list of some of the SEO and online marketing discussion lists and their moderators that I’ve found to be useful:

LED Digest (Excellent participation and well structured search marketing and webmaster issues and original location of the I-Search list) – Adam Audette
SearchReturn (Well moderated list focused on search industry news) – Detlev Johnson, I-Search Veteran Moderator
SEM 2.0 – (Nearly as much about organic SEO as PPC) Andrew Goodman, I-Search Veteran Moderator
Online Advertising Digest – (Focused more on online ads as the name implies) Cliff Kurtzman
MIMA-SM – (Local discussion list for Midwest SEO/SEMs) Chris Dohman

There are many other niche, regional and private groups out there as well. Feel free to post suggestions in the comments.

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