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SoloSEO LogoI’ve been working with SoloSEO, a web based SEO project management solution, and it’s a good start to what could be quite a nice system. It doesn’t have quite all the features I’d like, but it does work well at keyword research and ties into search engines for inindex and backlink reporting.


  • Shows & Charts Backlinks, Indexed pages, PageRank and Alexa Rank
  • Has a link search tool that creates a list of ‘ready to search’ links for Google, Yahoo, MSN or Ask based on your keyword.
  • Nice bookmarklet to judge how good a page is for getting a backlink on. Includes that pages backlinks, PageRank, Alexa rank and if it has any .edu or .gov links to it.
  • Backlink competitor checker for keeping track of where your competition is getting links.
  • Add competitors and track their stats. Pages in Google & Yahoo, PR, Alexea rankd and if they are in DMOZ. Not sure the accuracy of this though as I put in two sites. One worked fine while the other (SEOMoz) reports 0 pages in Google and only one in Yahoo. Odd
  • Create your own checklists to keep track of what needs to be done. Checklists can also carry over to new projects so you know all the tasks that need to be done for new clients based on old projects.
  • You are able to run ranking reports in the software, which is nice.
  • The keyword finder is quick and easy to use and ties into Google Adwords, WordTracker and Overture. Also has a Site Scan option to scan a page and see what keywords show up.


  • Can’t add client info like name, phone and email. You also can’t save notes.
  • You can add keywords, but I don’t know what you do with them. They don’t seem to tie in to the keyword ranking area. It’d be nice to see the latest ranking report tie into this area so I can track and chart their performance.
  • You can’t add custom items to a checklist. I submitted a bug report on this as you should be able to do it.

Overall, I’m still exploring SoloSEO and this is just my initial observation. It has a lot of potential and is definitely work checking out. I’m interested to see where this is going and what features will be added in the future.

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