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Blogger Offers Free Domain Mapping

By Lee Odden     Blogging

Blogger Logo BlocksYesterday I discussed options when installing WordPress isn’t an option. Quite a few included domain mapping and phydeaux3 informed me that Blogger is now offering domain mapping for free.

Domain mapping allows you to buy a domain and have it show content that is hosted someplace else. Basically, you’d buy a domain and then map it to your BlogSpot account and it’d appear that you’d have a fully hosted website. No one would see anymore, they’d see

The plus side to this is that you don’t need to buy hosting. Just keep using Bloggers webspace and resources. All you’d need to do is buy a domain, usually $9.99 a year, and work with your registrar to map that domain to your BlogSpot account.

Domain mapping Blogger blogs must be inline with Google’s hosted applications idea. You just need a domain name and you can map your website to your BlogSpot account, your email to your Gmail account and keep everything organized with Google Calendar.

Has anyone tried domain mapping with Blogger yet?



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