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My 5 Favorite Blog Plugins

It seems that every week I find a new and exciting WordPress plugins. There are literally hundreds out there and many that are still un-discovered.

Wordpress PluginI thought I’d take the time to post my 5 favorite blog plugins in hopes that you might find some useful ones. I’d also like to hear your top five so I can discover some new favorites.

Thomas’ Top 5 WordPress Plugins ~ In No Particular Order

Optimal Title
– This re-arranges your blogs title page to be [post name ] – [blog name] which is good for SEO.

– Automatically create blog post descriptions. Or write your own.

Live Search
– Update your search box to show results as the user types.

Subscribe to Comments
– Keep the commenters informed with email updates to posts they commented on.

Vipers Video Quick Tags
– Easily embed YouTube, GoogleVideo or other media formats to your blog.

There are so many more that I haven’t mentioned but I wanted to keep the list short and sweet. I also left out Akismet (spam protection) as it’s almost a given.

So what is your top five? You don’t have to post WordPress plugins. If you use MovableType, or other blogging software, feel free to share your favorites too.

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