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Search Marketing Blogs Update 011207

It’s time for this week’s update on search marketing blogs. Again, there has been a large number of requests and also quite a few new blogs discovered by trolling blogrolls and MyBlogLog.

Not all the new blogs we learned about this week will be added today. There are just too many. We’ll try to moderate the number of new blogs posted to about 30 per week.

Please note: While we wait until Friday to post all the new blogs reviewed for the week, the RSS feeds for new blogs are added throughout the week. ie, the OPML file is updated just about daily.

This week’s tips to bloggers!

  1. Include a descriptive tag line near your blog’s logo or title. Give readers something to quickly understand the purpose of your blog
  2. Give your blog some identity. Use your name, a catchy blog name, logo, unique design. So many great blogs are using the same blog template as everyone else. When you use a common blog template, it makes your blog look like a spam blog – splog.

And now here are this week’s search engine marketing blog updates:

  • Aaron Shear on SEO – This pedigreed SEO with a history at Inktomi, SEO Inc and now shopping.com blogs about search marketing.
  • AGoToGuy’s Marketing Blog – Joe Holcomb, CEO of AI Gateway with previous work at BlowSearch and Kanoodle blogs about search engines, internet marketing and online advertising.
  • Alister Cameron – Blog consultant, web designer and father of four blogs about blogging and search marketing.
  • Andy Beard – Lives in Poland, runs his business from the UK and blogs about the search industry, blogging, niche and affiliate marketing.
  • Apogee Weblog – Richard Ball of Apogee Web Consulting blogs about search engine marketing, small business growth, web analytics and pixel advertising.
  • Convertup – Brian Thibault, aka Bonez / TBO, blogs about usability, search engine rankings and general website marketing strategy.
  • Earl of Grey’s Blog – Runs syndk8 blackhat SEO forum, Affiliate Earners and probably other things I’ll never know about. Also blogs periodic and humorously sarcastic observations of the search industry.
  • Eradicate Perplexity – Scott Orth does his best to demystify search engine marketing.
  • Everett Sizemore – Everett blogs about his specialty area of search marketing.
  • freshblog – The team at Fresh Egg, Ammon Johns’ UK search marketing agency post about work, search marketing and industry observations.
  • Fused Nation – Scott Boyd, aka “marketing guy” blogs about UK search marketing news, gossip and discussions.
  • Got Ads? – John K. blogs about advertising revolving around Google.
  • ibrian – Brian Turner’s business blog. He also writes for SEOmoz (until Rebecca comments that he doesn’t anymore) and Threadwatch.
  • Internet News – A general internet marketing and search news blog by Gwen Harris.
  • Jaan‚Äôs Search Marketing Blog – Jaan Kanellis, aka “IncredibleHelp”, blogs mostly about SEO with a few rants about the industry here and there.
  • JazzcatSEO – Nate Kartchner writes about becoming an expert SEO along with linking, SEM, SMO and copywriting.
  • Lies, Damed Lies – Microsoft’s Ian Thomas, who leads Microsoft’s new web analytics solution effort, blogs about online marketing and web analytics.
  • Mike the Internet Guy – Recent winner of best local search blog, Mike Belasco writes about all aspects of marketing online.
  • Occam‚Äôs Razor – Intuit‚Äôs Avinash Kaushik offers quantitative and qualitative insights into online marketing.
  • pepperjamBlog – The team at Pepperjam blogs about search and affiliate marketing along with search engine industry observations.
  • ReveNews – Publisher Jim Kukral and friends blog about the affiliate marketing industry covering topics from ecommerce to analytics to blogging.
  • SearchQuant – Chris Zaharias writes about the paid search and search engine advertising industry.
  • Search Market Pro – Search engine marketing news & articles from Rob Kerry, aka “evilgreenmonkey” and friends.
  • SEO Blog – Bob Mutch writes about link building through directories and social bookmarking.
  • seoassassin.co.uk – Brendon Scott, aka “TallTroll” writes negatively on SEO and affiliate marketing.
  • Speaking Freely – Dean aka, “DigitalGhost”, writes freely about SEO, search engine research and spam detection.
  • The OneBoxer – Brian Mark’s new blog about how to best optimize for Google one box results.

Whew! This brings the Big List of SEM Blogs to just over 300!

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