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Top 5 Ways SEO Agencies and Clients Piss Each Other Off

Communication is key in business relationships as much as it is in personal relationships. Most of the disappointments that often happen in client/agency relationships have to do with faults in communication. Not being able to empathize with another’s perspective can make things troublesome pretty quickly.

Below are some real and some tongue in cheek considerations for why SEO firm and client relationships can get shaky:

Top 5 Ways SEO Agencies Piss Off Their Clients:

  1. Agency over promises and under delivers
  2. Agency uses tricks and gets client site penalized by search engines
  3. SEO techie insults client side account manager on lack of knowledge about topics such as latent semantic indexing and not knowing the name of the last Google update
  4. SEO agency waits for search marketing performance to fail before assessing and implementing new SEO recommendations
  5. Agency uses client brand name in promotional materials without client permission

Top 5 Ways Clients Piss Off Their SEO Agency:

  1. Client doesn’t pay on time
  2. Client overwrites on-page site optimization or implements a new web design without telling the SEO agency
  3. Client fires the SEO firm without warning, without reason and via email
  4. Client wants to try every trick they’ve read about in 2 year old forum posts or heard about from someone’s cousin’s friend who has an ex-girlfriend working at MSN
  5. Client asks for work outside the scope of the agreement for no additional fees – frequently

What have your experiences been on the client/agency side that need attention?

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