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Lee Odden

WordPress 2.1 Plugin Testing

By Lee Odden     Blogging

Wordpress 2.1 BadgeWordPress 2.1 has been released and one of the biggest changes has to do with plugins. Reading 10 Things You should Know About WordPress 2.1 they said “many plugins will no longer work in 2.1“!

Ok, that freaked me out a little. I like to stay up to date, but I can’t live without some of my plugins.

The good news is that there is a plugin compatibility page where they are trying to list all the plugins that work, or don’t work, with WordPress 2.1. The biggest red flag I saw was Ultimate Tag Warrior. Give it a few days though and it’ll be ready to go.

If you don’t see a certain plugin on the compatible page, and you can’t find updated information from the author, drop the plugin name below with a link to it and I’ll see if I can’t get it tested for you.

Overall WordPress 2.1 looks nice, but I’ve only had it installed for 10 minutes on my test blog.


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