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We’re starting day two of Search Engine Room and I’m really looking forward to it. Day one went very well with some really interesting presentations on a variety of topics ranging from vertical search to link building. I did a presentation on SEO and PR and it seemed to go pretty well. Quite a few people asked me after the session if we had an office in Australia. Hmmm.

Gavin Appel Lee Odden

We had a great lunch with Gavin Appel from Hitwise who shared all his secrets with us. 🙂 Actually, it was great to hear the story of how Hitwise has grown and developed over the years. They are a global brand and have done very well for themselves.

The conference day ended with a great debate session with three for and three against whether “search will take over the web” as opposed to display advertising. The oratory and debate was smart, funny and very entertaining. You’ll never see something like that at other search marketing conferences and I have to say it was refreshing.

Des Walsh Stephan Spencer Lee Odden

Afterwards there was a cocktail reception where I had the chance to speak to several PR firms based in Sydney and New Zealand. I was also able to connect with fellow Business Blog Consulting bloggers Des Walsh and Stephan Spencer (our new client).Sailors Thai

We ended the day with an absolutely fantastic dinner at Sailor’s Thai with the conference owner, Martin Kelly and his wife Stephanie. Afterwards we walked down to the harbor where we could see the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It was an amazing sight at night and I’m looking forward to “walking the bridge” las well as seeing a show at the opera later this week.Here are a few other photos from the Search Engine Room conference.

Gavin Appel

Search Engine Room

Exhibit Floor at Search Engine Room

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