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Search Marketing Blogs Update 030207

Wow, this week went fast! It’s time for the search engine marketing blogs update. Below are blogs that we’ve come across in our travels across the web. Also, here is the updated OPML file and the plain text list for use with custom search engines.

  • SEO Critique – Thomas Schmitz’s Seattle based blog about search engine optimization.
  • Understanding Google Maps & Yahoo Local Search – The title of this blog by Mike Blumenthal says it all.
  • Cape Cod SEO – Small business SEO and PPC plus a little about Cape Cod from Derek J Edmond.
  • That Girl From Marketing – Natasha Robinson blogs about search marketing, social media and industry news.
  • Irish Wonder’s Black Hat SEO Blog – A blog about blackhat, general SEO issues and other things related to the life on the web.
  • Beanstalk SEO Blog – Dave Davies blogs about news in the search engine and online marketing industry.
  • Conversations Monetized – Garrett French shares his literary stylings on social media marketing and other market conversation strategies.
  • SEO Mash – A mashup of feeds from various SEO sites like SER, SEL, SEW, SEOmoz and OMB.
  • The Lonely Marketer – In house marketing renaissance man, Patrick Schaber, blogs about the kinds online marketing done at a small business ranging from SEO to blogs to PPC.
  • SEOptimize – Kevin Gibbons offers a well rounded blog about pay per click and natural search optimization.

Based on the comments and emails I’ve been getting, I see there is a need for a reminder about getting on this list, plus some general advice. If you email me to get your blog reviewed and included, there is less than a 50% chance that will happen. If you leave comments and complain about why your blog is not on the list, I may have had it in our queue, but will likely remove it altogether because I’m not interested in whiners.

Some of the ways to get your search marketing or social media related blog on the sem blog list include:

  • Get on the blogroll of a blog that’s already on the list
  • Link to the list and we’ll notice
  • Get mentioned on one of the blogs on the list

These are the primary methods used to discover new blogs for consideration. We have a process for this. Doing things like sending an email or making a request in the comments is not part of the process and will actually lessen the likelihood of being added.

We’re doing our best to limit the number of new blogs added to 10 or so since we’re nearly at 400. There are several blogs already in the queue for next week.

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