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Lee Odden

Session: Video Search Optimization

By Lee Odden     Online Marketing, Search Engine Strategies, Social Media, Social Search

“Video is a compelling SEO channel,” said Sherwood Stranieri of Catalyst Online, “and social marketing and viral marketing are the driving forces behind video optimization.” We’re witnessing, with Google Universal, how digital assets are changing the landscape of search. Video, like audio files can drive unprecedented traffic as well result in a surge of inbound links. This is great- if you have entertaining video content, right? Wrong!

It may seem at first glance, that video optimization makes sense for very particular industries and not others, but this is not the case. Although video optimization is an almost ideal search marketing tactic for individuals belonging to generation “Y”, it is not limited to this demographic. Human beings are interactive and become more engaged when stimulated. Video content plays to our visual and audio senses.

Stranieri, like the other presenters on this panel, tells us that video can add dimension to any product or service, and depending on your business objective, there are a number of different ways video optimization can be integrated into your marketing mix. For instance, testimonials and interviews of clients who have used your product or service may capture a prospective client more so than a textual description of your offerings.

We can see then that only our creative limitations create the boundaries and inhibit opportunities for using video optimization.


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