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I’ve had the idea in my head for a few weeks now to do some querying of people in the search, PR and social media marketing industries to get an idea what sorts of charities and non-profit causes they’re spending time, resources and money with. In the past, a lot of this kind of activity seems to get the most attention when it’s a response to a terrible event as opposed to a persistent effort. I’m an optimist on this in thinking that a large number of SEM related agencies are actively involved in a variety of such activities.

A recent post by fellow Minnesota SEM/SEO blogger Marty Weintraub, “I Was Diagnosed With Stage 3B Lymphoma” where he pointed out his own experience with cancer as well as the upcoming event sponsored by the cool cats at Best of the Web and Internet Marketers of New York to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, is a good example of using SEM resources, in this case blogs and a conference, to draw attention to a worthy cause.

As a company, TopRank does a certain amount of regional pro bono work for non-profits as well as offering a program for employees to volunteer their time to charities and causes of their choice, receiving compensation for those hours as an incentive. These causes range from the local Children’s Hospital, to animal shelters and the Humane Society, environmental causes, Make a Wish, various cancer research initiatives to working with local school fund raising programs. The pro bono work can be challenging to spend the right amount of time on because of being so busy, but it works out in the end.

I am curious what other organizations, in particular those in the search marketing industry, are doing when it comes to engaging and promoting good causes?

It seems like there’s a real opportunity for a clearinghouse of some kind that matches up SEM agencies willing to provide assistance with causes in need of online marketing services. If something like that exists that is current and active, please leave a description and links in the comments.

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