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2007 MIMA Summit Wrap Up

Editor’s Note: Wednesday this week was the annual MIMA Summit held downtown Minneapolis. With our current workloads and schedules, I wasn’t planning on having TopRank staff attend, but received some last minute encouragement so I had Thomas and Dana attend the whole day and was able to slip in for the last 3-4 hours myself. The attendance nearly doubled over last year to 700+ attendees (an estimate I heard at the event). Hats off to MIMA members for a great job spreading the good interactive marketing word.

The following are wrap-ups from MIMA Summit veteran attendee Thomas McMahon and first-timer Dana Larson.

Thomas McMahon
Thomas McMahon

Going to the MIMA Summit is always a treat. It’s amazing to see how many local people are in the industry and take the time to come out and enjoy a day of great food, networking and great presentations.

BIGLIST SEO Blogs Update 100407

SEO Blogs

Can you believe it’s Friday already?  Like clockwork, TopRank brings dear readers of Online Marketing Blog yet another nice roundup of search marketing blogs we lovingly like to call the BIGLIST.  Fire up your favorite RSS reader and start clicking.

  • Metamend SEO Blog – Without question, one of the most prolific and talented writers in the SEO space is Jim Hedger who also consults with the Metamend agency in Vancouver.
  • – Software engineer Johannes Mueller works with Google Webmaster Tools as a Webmaster Trends Analyst in Switzerland in addition to being exceptionally helpful on the Cre8asite forums and Google Groups. He writes a variety of deep insights into SEO, search engines and the technical side of search marketing.

Defining Business Blogging Success


When talking with TopRank or M&O Account Teams about new clients, it is inevitable that I will ask if there is a blog involved. There are simply too many advantages to enabling a web site with fresh, themed content that is well structured for SEO benefits and that also offers a great platform for creative promotion, not to consider it in the online marketing mix. However, the mis-perceptions about what a blog is and is not abound, even with self-described “blogging experts”.

Despite that, I think it’s a perfectly reasonable question for a company to ask: “Why should we have a blog and what will it do for us?” Answering that question in the most effective way possible starts with understanding the business and marketing goals of the company. Too many SEOs and blogging consultants focus on the mechanical capabilities of a blog and not on the business goals that can be met.

Video: Five Minutes with Vanessa Fox on Zillow

At SES San Jose I was able to sit down with Vanessa Fox to talk briefly about some of the basic features of the Google Webmaster Central service and posted that interview but was also able to do a second video about her new role at Zillow.

We talked about what she’s doing with Zillow and their advertising platform for marketers that want to reach local audiences as well as what the future may hold in terms of social networking /community building features and laying search over user generated content.


In addition to her work at Zillow, Vanessa writes her own blog at Vanessa Fox Nude (sorry guys, only the cats are nude), contributes to the Zillow blog as well as a “People Search” column at Search Engine Land.

Social Search – The Potential Impact on the Search Marketing Industry

Editor’s note: Social search isn’t the new kid on the block anymore but it still has it’s mystery as far as search marketing implications. The next in our series of guest posts comes from a very well respected guy who I’ve long appreciated as having more than an advanced understanding of where the search marketing industry is going. Ron Belanger is Vice President, Agency Development at Yahoo! and has been a strong voice on topics ranging from search as a powerful branding tool to social search and the future of the search engine industry.

Photo credit Mike Grehan

Social media is a white hot topic, getting a tremendous amount of play in the advertising world. Investors and speculators are tripping over themselves to invest in the next Facebook or MySpace.

2008 Search Marketing Benchmark Guide


Marketing Sherpa has formally announced their latest Search Marketing Benchmark Guide for 2008 with over 270 pages of fact filled goodness. For both in-house marketers and SEM agencies alike, this guide provides up to date insight into essential search marketing industry trends. Of particular interest to me was the special report on the challenges of bringing SEM in house. The trend is to continue using outsourced help with search marketing for part, not all of campaign implementation.

Also of interest was that the PPC and SEO disparity in budgets continues: Search marketers are spending about one-fifth as much on their SEO efforts compared to paid search

Other nuggets you’ll find in this year’s report include:

  • Expected Search Spending for 2008 – It’s going up but not for the reasons you’d expect