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BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 110907

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We have more new blogs added to the BIGLIST than you can shake a USB key fob at this week. Step right up for your weekly dose of SEO, PPC, social media and web analytics. If you’re a Twitter fan, now you can get weekly BIGLIST updates at: http://twitter.com/biglist

  • Conversation Marketing – Ian Lurie offers common sense internet strategies, tutorials and observations that really run the gamut of online marketing topics ranging from email marketing to SEO to blogging.
  • Social Media Explorer – Jason Falls, a social media marketing professional, blogs all the social media angles including news, newtworking, PR and analytics.
  • Cesar Serna – Cesar works as a developer/programmer for Greg Boser and Dax Herrera and blogs his personal observations about conferences, his work and the SEM industry.
  • TOTUS eCommerce Blog – Troy Perkins and staff at TOTUS offer a mix of tips, insights and how to’s for SEO and PPC.
  • DigiTales – Microsoft’s Mel Carson has finally started a personal blog that covers his involvement in the search marketing industry.
  • Visual Revenue – Dennis Mortensen, the CEO of web analytics software provider IndexTools, provides a unique peek at the insights that come from someone in his position covering the obvious topics like analytics to growing a business online.

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