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With Danny Sullivan’s categorization of the Search Engine Land blogroll, it really drove home the need to do the same with our BIGLIST of SEO blogs. The current alphabetization has worked for the first few hundred blogs, but now were near 500 overall. Unfortunately, it’s a very, busy time at TopRank right now so while a categorization of the BIGLIST is in the queue, it will likely be first quarter 2008 before we can get it rearranged.

If there are any brave souls who would like to attempt such a feat (categorizing BIGLIST), I would be happy to give you credit at the top of the list. Just email blog at toprankresults dot com.

Now on to this week’s update:

Live Search Webmaster Center Blog – A new blog from Microsoft. We did the focus group a while back and now we’re doing the beta. It’s nice to see Microsoft doing something with tools for webmasters and SEOs which will ultimately make the Live.com index even better.

Caroline Middlebrook – Caroline has given up “working for the man” as we used to say here in the U.S. and ventured into the world of making a living online. Her blog documents that process with a very nice collection of internet marketing and social media tips and resources along the way.

Brent Csutoras – This is a smartly designed blog by a very smart search marketer. Brent is an Internet Marketing Consultant specializing in and writing about social media, viral and search marketing.

Collective Thoughts – Here we have a group blog on social media goodness including contributions from: Andy Beard, Brian Wallace, Glen Allsopp, Mark Laymon, Marty Weintraub, Rose Sylvia, Shana Albert, Tadeusz Szewczyk and Tim Nash.

eVisibility Insider – The team at eVisibility posts on a variety of topics ranging from agency updates to tips and observations on SEO, PPC, social media and design.

SEO 2.0 – Tadeusz Szewczyk writes provocatively in his quest for internet celebrity and in recognition of emerging trends in the search marketing world – SEO 2.0.

Honorable mention:
Receptional – Dixon Jones writes infrequently (unfortunately) about his personal experiences as an agency as well as search marketing industry observations.

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