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BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 112307

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With our U.S. readers recovering from heavy doses of tryptophan from yesterday’s turkey-fest, we wanted to offer up another sparky update on the BIGLIST of search marketing blogs.

In the past we’ve written about ways to get on the BIGLIST either as a result of us finding new blogs in the wild or noticing blogs linking to us.

To change things up a bit, another way blogs that cover SEO, PPC or social media marketing might consider hitting our radar is to either mark Online Marketing Blog as a Technorati favorite and/or following the weekly BIGLIST updates on Twitter.

This week’s update includes a collection of mostly new blogs covering that familiar territory of SEO and social media with some great representation from our neighbors to the North. Enjoy!

  • Slightly Shady SEO – At a sprite 19 years old, XMCP writes about black hat SEO with white hats as the audience on topics that range from adsense/affiliate to cloaking to a curious category called, “Grow Some Balls”.
  • Search Engine People Blog – Based near Toronto Ontario, the SEP team blog about a wide range of search marketing topics with an emphasis on SEO, social media and opinion.
  • Daver’s Blog – Dave Rohrer blogs a mix of personal commentary and online marketing topics.
  • Net Business Blog – Covers affiliate marketing, eCommerce, CPA, PPC, SEO/SEM, the wonderous world of eBooks, domaining and web development.
  • Internet Geek Girl – Stephanie Agresta blogs an interesting flavor of personal perspective on internet marketing, social media and “relationship econonomy”.
  • 11Marketing Blog – The team at a Vancouver BC based social media consulting agency blog mostly on social media and offer a social network marketing ebook.
  • Wingnut SEO – Dave Winget writes about his SEO experiences as part of a mid sized interactive agency.

You made the list, now give yourself and some credit and get the badge.

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