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Lee Odden

AdAge Power 150 and Bloglines Reporting Issue

By Lee Odden     Blogging

Readers of Online Marketing Blog may have noticed the “ranking” for our blog reported by the AdAge Power 150 widget has dropped from #12 to #43 or so the past week. I just wanted to assure new readers this is not because of any change in subscribers, links or traffic but due to Bloglines not reporting any of our subscribers.

Even though the Bloglines metric reported by AdAge is zero (we actually have over 1300 subscribers) OMB still ranks in the top 50 on the AdAge Power 150 with a score of 61. Add to that the 13 we’d normally get for the number of Bloglines subscribers and the score for Online Marketing Blog hits 74, which ranks us somewhere between #9 and #13 as there are several others with the same score.

Lists are funny things and for the most part, never 100% accurate. However, established lists from credible sources do provide a relative measure of the objects (in this case marketing and PR blogs) included within the list. If the error isn’t fixed before the holidays are over, we’ll just have to take the AdAge widget down since it doesn’t give an accurate indication to new readers.


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