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BIGLIST SEO Blog Update 021508

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It looks like the SEM blogosphere is on a roll because we have a nice varied collection of search and online marketing blogs for the BIGLIST this week.

  • Ranked Hard SEO Comic – Get your funny on with this quality SEO comic about the mythical “Ranked Hard” SEO agency, from folks at Big Oak.
  • THINKing – With trends toward media creation, optimization and promotion the thoughts that Harry Hoover, Mark Harrison and Brant Waldeck publish about advertising, creativity, marketing & PR become very relevant for the next generation of search marketing.
  • Pandemic Blog – Founders of Pandemic Labs, Matthew Peters and Brennan White write about their passions: viral marketing and social media marketing.
  • TellinYa – This blog is on because of the interesting design but I’m not so sure about the tactics. Self described as: “Black hat, white hat and shady hat SEO and web design related Elucubrations by 5ubliminal” who is apparently very much against paid links but ok with scraping and other dark art search manipulation.
  • Tradedot – Eddie Choi is a digital marketer that blogs about marketing, technology and entrepreneurial experiences from Hong Kong.
  • How to Rule the World – Long time, self taught internet marketer, Robert Priolo aka “Robbdogg” blogs about his blogging which I suppose is a self sustaining content creation strategy. And there’s a bit of some SEO social media mixed in there as well.
  • Fathom SEO Blog – SEO news, trends & analysis from Mike Murray and the team at Fathom SEO.
  • David Dalka – Professional conference blogger Dave Dalka blogs a lot about what other bloggers/people say as well as biz dev, marketing, local and mobile search marketing and of course, Chicago.
  • VIZION Blog – Search Engine Watch columnist Mark Jackson and his team at VIZION blog about a wide range of SEO topics, worth subscribing to for sure.

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