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It’s pretty hard to compete with news like Microsoft offering to buy Yahoo for $44 billion or Amazon to buy Audible for $300 million, but there’s plenty to read on those topics and more on this week’s BIGLIST SEO blogs update.

  • SEO Design Solutions Blog – You don’t see too many practical tips blogs these days and that’s why it’s nice to see Jeffrey Smith blogging all manner of tips on SEO from WordPress optimization to organic vs PPC.
  • Smackdown! – Michael VanDeMar is full of piss and vinegar especially when it comes to Matt Cutts. What this blog lacks in subscriber numbers it makes up for in good humor.
  • Learning SEO Basics – SEO student and fan of Kalena Jordan’s Search Engine College, Kimberly Bock (aka spostareduro) writes about all the basics of search engine optimization.
  • The WebMarketCentral Blog – Minneapolis based B2B marketer, Tom Pick, writes about all aspects of marketing on the internet.
  • Brian Chappell – A search marketer and linking specialist, Brian Chappell writes this new blog with posts about Google as well as industry news.
  • SEO Scientist – Branko Rihtman writes about search engine optimization applying the scientific method to SEO.
  • Sochable – Another new blog on social media. This one is from James Rucker covering the gamut of Digg, MySpace, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook and more.

Honorable mention: Peter Hamilton has interesting things to say on social media. Now if he would just say them more often than two times per month.

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