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This week’s BIGLIST update of SEO and social media blogs is pretty close to being the best batch of new blogs I’ve seen since we started publishing the list a year ago. What a great collection of resources! It really makes our industry better by having more and more people blogging their ideas, insights and even letting a few “secrets” slip out now and again.  🙂 Check it out:

Trail of the Fire Horse – Another excellent Canada based search and social media marketing blog comes this time from the very smart/savvy Dave Harry aka “the Gypsy”.

Search Enginuity – Clay Fisher is the Global Director of Search Marketing at Monster.com and he writes about search marketing industry news as well as paid search and analytics on a very cleverly named blog.

Social Media Trader – Chris_smt from the UK delivers a lot of great information on social media with this resource and insight intensive blog.

Neoformix – Jeff Clark does some really interesting work with graphing and illustrating patterns in data. This whole topic presents some very interesting insights, especially if you study the social nature of how language, words (keyword phrases to all you SEOs) and document analysis can be used in social marketing.

Social Media and Green Horses – Jiannis Sotiropoulos discusses the development of cyberspace and therefore many topics (collective intelligence, social networks, participation) but not all, (blogging, Flash, Facebook) are broader than most blogs on our list. Refreshing.

Brian Mark SEO – Famous Tool Barn SEO Brian Mark has launched a new blog and consulting service for ecommerce web sites – from Nebraska!

Junta42 Blog – Joe Pulizzi takes his own advice and provides great tips and advice on marketing and retaining customers with content which is really spot on if you subscribe to the “give to get” principles of social media marketing.

Traffikd – Steven Snell who also blogs at Vandelay Web Design, focuses on practical internet marketing and social media marketing tips and advice.

Now you can wear the BIGLIST badge with pride.

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