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What a week! Spring is officially here in Minnesota. Don’t laugh, it snowed just 2 weeks ago. 🙂 This week’s BIGLIST of SEO and SEM blogs includes a nice mix of search, social and online PR content. When I co-hosted the Daily Searchcast on Thursday it was great to have Danny Sullivan mention the BIGLIST and what a great resource it is. We hope Online Marketing Blog readers feel the same, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and spread the word!

  • jane and robot – Google and Zillow veteran, Vanessa Fox teams up with Nathan Buggia, lead program manager for Microsoft’s Live Search Webmaster Center to offer advice on designing web sites both for people and bots.
  • MEGO – “My Eyes Glaze Over” blog is Marketing Communications Manager, Michelle Kostya, who is also a mommy blogger, writing about advertising, web tools, social media and her work.
  • Snydey Sense – David Snyder writes about his interests and experiences with SEO, tools, analytics and search engines as a search strategist and marketer for JRDunn, an online jewelry web site.
  • The Future Buzz – The persistent Adam Singer, Director of Digital Strategy at Pierson Grant Public Relations, blogs about blogging, social media and internet marketing.

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