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MIMA Summit 2008 Kicks Off to a Sold Out Crowd

Matt Wilson, the President of The Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA), a networking and professional development forum for interactive marketing professionals, kicked off the 2008 Annual MIMA Summit this morning in grand fashion!

With a sold-out room full (600+) of Minnesota interactive marketers chomping at the bit to learn the latest and greatest, it is guaranteed to be a wonderful event.

As the introduction to the event, MIMA ’08 played an awesome & quite humorous MIMA theme song / video by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal that had flashbacks to the “old days” of the interactive – my favorite reference was a lyric that eluded to the good old days of interactive and the internet when you had trouble keeping up the monitoring of your 2 email addresses and posting to blogs a many times…a year.

Matt shared, with the crowd a few key take aways in his welcome message:
– Feed the Feed and share your thoughts with everyone!
– Grow, Evolve & Produce

As Ashley Bruce mentioned in a previous post, the TopRank team has 10 members at the MIMA Summit today, so please stay tuned for posts re. key take-aways from MIMA!

During my attendance at MIMA, I am looking forward to learning a lot from each of the presentations I attend, such as:

  • The Changing Face of Email
  • Creativity: Bridging Traditional to Digital
  • Corporate Blogger: Angel or Demon?

Thank you Matt for setting the stage for what is certain to be a great day!

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