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5 Social Media SEO & Analytics Tools Worth Checking Out

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Checking out new tools is part of what we do to stay current and find ways to be more efficient with Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.  Sometimes a few tools offer interesting features or stand out for some reason and rather than keep those goodies to ourselves, we share them with you. Here are a few handy social media, analytics and link building tools worth a look:

Reinvigorate – Real-time web analytics with heat maps. Ooh, the colors are so pretty – all the way to the bank. This service is A-M-A-Z-ing. Monthly, daily, hourly and page level details plus the ability to name tag registered visitors.  If real-time web data is your caffeine, then this is the tool for you. There’s a dumbed down freebie version and a free trial. The paid service is very low cost starting at $10 per month.

TwentyFeet – This is a web-based dashboard that aggregates social stats from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and bit.ly all on one place. It pings you when events are triggered and costs less than a Starbucks “blah blah latte” for an entire year. I can see it as a handy tool for a small business or no budget situation where you want to track basic social media sites. The site is run (and funded) by a German web agency in Wiesbaden called //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

SocialFlow – From the same folks that brought us TweetDeck and bit.ly, this social media engagement SaaS promises to “say the right thing to the right people at the right time” on Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz.  Scary. If it works, scary awesome.  According to Om Malik, SocialFlow works by optimizing message format (hashtags + link shortening), then posts messages during your audience’s most receptive time periods, measures CTR, retweets and followers. Repeat. I just signed up for beta access so we’ll see if I can make it into the SocialFlow club.

From the link building virtuosos Garrett French and Ben Wills comes the new Ontolo Linkbuilding toolset described by my pal Andy Beal as “Link Building on Steroids“. Ben and Garrett have been diligent and generous in getting us a view and test, which I appreciate and hope to take advantage of soon. For now, my experience is based on the free public demo and from what I’ve heard, it’s an impressive link building tool that will save a ton of time when doing link analysis.

– This new link research tool makes MajesticSEO even better with wicked filtering options for link analysis. And we all know that links are the electricity that makes the Google world go ’round. The website is lite on information and heavy on the 7 day free trial, so you’ll need to sign up to get a look. Aaron Wall did a review here.

Funny how all these new tools conjoin two words for their names. Afraid of a little space between words, eh? Oh, what? Ah, yes. TopRank does the same thing. Damn these companies are smart.

What new analytics or efficient SEO / Social Media Marketing tools have you been testing?

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