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19 Ways to Promote Your Next Speaking Event

conference speaker marketing tipsAttending and speaking at conferences can be a goldmine for content, networking, publicity and lead generation. While many companies might rate a “B” on achieving these outcomes, the speakers could do a lot better by effectively promoting their presentations. The more people that attend a presentation, the more opportunity there is for:

  • Your session to be liveblogged or covered by an industry journalist
  • To persuade prospects to contact you
  • To persuade clients to explore other services
  • Attract new employees
  • Inspire new vendor and partner relationships

There are many other possible outcomes, but I think you get the idea. Here’s a list of 18 ways to promote your next speaking engagement and possibly make it a more meaningful and relevant experience for those attending.

  1. Submit to event listing websites like Upcoming and lanyrd
  2. Contribute a guest post to the conference blog
  3. Run a house ad in your newsletter
  4. Publish on your Newsroom
  5. Promote the event on your own blog
  6. Publish a “Top 10 List” of resources relevant to your industry that would cause those resources to link back to you
  7. Distribute press release(s) through a news distribution service (We like our client, PRWeb for that)
  8. Create a fulfillment piece (Report or Guide) to act as a giveaway for promotions and during the presentation
  9. Find a way to identify attendees and make them an offer
  10. Incent any tweeting or liveblogging during the session
  11. Guest post on other industry blogs & mention your session
  12. Collect speaking endorsements
  13. Run Social Ads on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (appropriate to your audience)
  14. Do a giveaway during the session
  15. Ask attendees of the session to do something, where the outcome is a creation that benefits all, & recognizes the participants
  16. Promote your speaking testimonials from conference organizers, industry influentials and attendees
  17. Invite journalists and bloggers that are on the press list to sit in on your session and then do an interview after
  18. Tweet and update Facebook, LinkedIn that you are speaking, about what and when. Tweet during the intermission right before your session using the conference #hashtag. Many people don’t plan what sessions they’ll attend and “go with the crowd”. A last minute tweet may catch their attention
  19. At the end of your presentation, mention the next event you’ll be speaking at

What did I miss? What tactics do you find to be the most effective for promoting speaking events at conferences?

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