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Ashley Zeckman

Online Marketing News: The History of Social Media, Employee Engagement Quiz, Marketing on Instagram, Yelp’s Love Hate Relationship

By Ashley Zeckman     Online Marketing, Online Marketing News

A History of Social Media

This recent infographic from copyblogger  takes a dive into the history of social media, and it may be a longer history than you expect.  History includes:

  • 1971 – First Email – Researchers at ARPA send the worlds first email
  • 1980 – USENET_ – users were able to read and post messages to distributed online bulletin boards
  • 1991 – World Wide Web – Tim Berners-Lee proposes a new protocol for information distribution

Are Your Employees Engaged?  Here’s How to Find Out
Many employers as themselves if their employees are truly engaged and may not know where to start figuring it out.  There is a new tool that helps test your company’s ‘Culture IQ,’ or ‘CIQ’ score.   This test measures 10 statements.  Want to find out what they are?  Via Inc.

Bing Ads Unveils Better Reporting
In order to make it’s platform faster and easier to use, Bing ads has recently released some new updates.  Their new interface allows users to run multiple reports simultaneously.  It also allows the advertisers to create related reports that share the same settings more easily. Via Search Engine Land.

5 Brands That Understand Marketing on Instagram
Did you know that over the past two years, 100 million people have begun using Instagram?  As a personal network it’s a snap, but how can you use it to effectively market your business?  Via Mashable.

Twitter Tests Like and Star Buttons for Tweets; Another Ad Play in the Works?
It appears that Twitter has been testing new “Like” or “Star” options in place of their well recognized “Favorite” option for tweets.  Apparently a select number of users have seen these new icons in play, in place of their familiar “Favorite” button.  Via ClickZ.

6 Free Mobile Apps to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing
If you’re looking to improve efficiencies for your social media marketing effort, this is a list you can’t afford to miss.  Pull out your smartphone and get ready to begin downloading these helpful social applications.  Via Social Media Examiner.

TopRank Team News

Rob Bayne – Facebook Stock Pops 20% As Ad Sales Surge
Facebook exceeds Wall Street third quarter estimates, showing a year over year 32% reported sales increase.  Facebook’s 604 million active mobile users continue to be an underutilized revenue source.  Approximately 60% of their users are actively using mobile, but mobile only accounts for approximately 14% of ad revenue.  Facebook recently launched a ‘promote’ feature to a small population of users, allowing them to highlight an important story or picture, and they have also announced ‘Facebook gifts’, allowing friends to send each other real world items.  What’s coming in the future?  Via CNN.

Brian Larson – Does Yelp Have a Love-Hate Relationship with Reviews?
Due to the success of businesses like Yelp, review sites are now an important aspect to a company’s online footprint. Positive reviews can spur additional visibility, referrals and ultimately, more business. The challenge for many businesses is that Yelp (and other sites like them) has, to be put it kindly, a tough policy to nail down when it comes to fostering customer reviews. Learn more about this dilemma in this post by Jason Falls. And while reading, ask yourself:  does Yelp have a love-hate relationship with reviews?  Via Social Media Explorer.

Thom Craver – YouTube Algorithm Change: ‘Time Watched’ Key to Higher Video Search Rankings
Quality content is just as important on YouTube as it is on your website. Google implemented a new algorithm in YouTube’s search features that makes videos that are watched for a longer period of time move to the top of the rankings. This means your title and description should not tease something your video doesn’t actually show, else it might be last in search for those terms and subsequently not discovered.  Via Search Engine Watch.

Time to Weigh In:  Do you advertise on Bing?  What has been your personal experience?  When it comes to employee engagement, how much do you think it’s worth? Do you think that Twitter is trying to mimic Facebook with it’s new features?


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