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What’s The Best Kind of Link Bait?

Of all the emerging concepts related to search engine optimization and marketing online, there are several memes that I’m particularly interested in that seem to be building steam lately. In particular is the notion of link bait.

The practice of link baiting is as old as the hills, it just hasn’t been called that until recently. As the effectiveness of former link building tactics decreases, tactics like link baiting have become more popular.

Aaron mentioned the idea of link bait in a post last October. NickW has been successful at creating link bait blog posts. Rand posted about the success of using link bait to drive, ah links, and traffic and also posited whether to offer link baiting as an SEO service. Matt Cutts drops in with some of his comments about link bait as well. Interestingly, the same day Bill Hartzer had a good article on link bait published at Search Engine Guide.

Lee Odden

Interview with Aaron Wall of SEOBook and Threadwatch

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Spotlight on Search Interview with Aaron Wall of SEOBook.com and Threadwatch

One of the most visible SEO pundits on the web is unquestionably, Aaron Wall. Aaron is a very unique individual in the SEO world since he is exceptionally knowledgable and networked but until recently, has not overtly offered search engine optimization consulting services.

Aaron is one of those people who has been great about sharing and exchanging good information about SEO tactics with those fortunate enough to be on his IM list. But he does not limit his advice giving to a personal network. He’s written a very popular book on SEO, plus you’ll see him at many SES and Pubcon conferences as well as on industry forums, discussion threads and blogs handing out excellent advice that other SEOs charge big bucks for.

Lee Odden

Interview with Todd Malicoat aka Stuntdubl of We Build Pages

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Spotlight on Search Interview with Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl)

I was planning to post this interview with Todd next Monday, but as usual, Todd has done a super job and providing insight into all things important about SEO. I first met Todd via email almost a year ago by commenting on a post at his blog. Since then we’ve met in person several times at Pubcon and SES conferences.

One of the great things about the SEO industry is the networking and opportunity to meet and collaborate with some of the smartest people you’ll find anywhere. Todd is certainly one of those people. He is highly regarded by many of the most prominent and talented SEOs in the industry. I’m happy to get 10 min of his time via IM once in a while, so getting him to answer 11 detailed questions on SEO is very much appreciated. Once you read the interview below, you’ll see why.

Lee Odden

Google Pack – A User Data Bonanza

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I noticed this morning a link on Google’s home page to Google Pack, a collection of “essentials to make your PC just work.”

Google Pack includes:

  • Google Earth
  • Google Desktop
  • Picasa Photo organizer
  • Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer
  • Google Pack Screensaver
  • Google Talk

Additional Software:

  • Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar
  • Ad-Aware SE Personal
  • Norton Antivirus 2005 Special Edition
  • Adobe Reader 7
  • RealPlayer
  • Trillian Instant Messenger
  • Gallery Player

Google Pack also comes with an updater program that will keep all the software in the Google Pack current and it works with the programs you already have installed.

Google blog has says Google Pack is:

Lee Odden

Google Friends

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There’s a newsletter that I get from time to time from Google called the "Google Friends Newsletter". The content is fairly good, but not exactly timely for someone who has 200 search engine related RSS feeds or that runs a search marketing agency. That represents, what .005% of the population?  For everyone else, it’s good info.

It’s the day before Christmas Eve, and this post is the last thing I do business-wise, before I go to my parents and then take off for a week on an island off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. With all this snow in Minnesota and a good internet connection, I may not come back.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

In case you don’t receive it, here’s the Google Friends Newsletter for December 2005:

Lee Odden

Google AdWords New Features Webinar

Earlier today I logged into the Google Webex site anxiously anticipating that maybe, perhaps, Google was going to produce something new in the Google AdWords New Features Webinar? The presentation started with an overview on AdSense Referrals, Custom Reports, Online Advertiser Sign-up, Section Targeting and Seasonal Formats. Jensense also has comments on the presentation.

It was a good overview if you hadn’t been through these features before. But there was nothing "new" as in, newly announced during the webinar. It was an explanation of some of the recently added features to the Google AdSense program. A more accurate title for this Webinar might have been, "Google AdWords Recent Features".

Lee Odden

Finding Good Blogs

Finding good blogs can be a challege. If you’re into voting for blogs, KBCafe Blog Award Voting is going on between now and Dec 31st. There are several search engine and marketing related categories including:

Best Google Blog
Best Yahoo! Blog
Best Microsoft Blog
Best Webvertising Blog
Best SEO Blog
Best Marketing Blog

This blog, Online Marketing Blog is somehow mentioned in the Best SEO Blog category along with some very good company: 

Search Engine Marketing Weblog – More of a news blog on search engines with some SEO.
Matt Cutts – Not an SEO blog per se. It’s about putting the kibosh on SEO. He even dreams of it!
Search Engine Roundtable – More about SEO than any others in my opinion.

Lee Odden

SEMPO Survey: SEO More Popular than Paid Search

Here are highlights from SEMPO’s 2005 Annual State of Search Survey, or as I heard Dana Todd call it at SES Chicago, "the SEMPO Big Ass Survey".

  • SEM was a $5.75 billion industry in North America in 2005, and will grow to $11.1 billion in 2010
  • Brand awareness is advertisers’ top objective for SEM programs, particularly large firms
  • Organic SEO is the most popular form of SEM, with 4 out of 5 advertisers using this method, with paid placement a close second at 76%
  • ROI is in line with inflation: Four out of five advertisers say they could afford to pay a mild increase in the price of paid placement, while of advertisers and all agencies report moderate price hikes this year.
Lee Odden

Interview with Andrew Goodman of Traffick and Page Zero Media

Spotlight on Search: Interview With Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman is known as the guy who “wrote the book” on Google AdWords or at least that’s one of the ways I like to think of him. He’s authored/edited Traffick.com since long before blogs became popular, speaks at numerous industry conferences and also has a successful SEM agency, Page Zero Media. In this interview, Andrew explains how he tossed in the towel on his PhD to become, gasp, an internet marketer!

Andrew, we’ve been bumping into each other at conferences for a while now and Ed Kohler is nowhere to be seen. Maybe if he reads this he’ll hit SES New York?

I hope so. I’ve been missing Ed!

Please tell us about your background. How did you get involved with search engine marketing?

Lee Odden

Interview with Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz

Spotlight on Search – Rand Fishkin

The next interview for Spotlight on Search is with Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz. Two interviews in one day? Well, the repsonse to my queries to interviewees has been fantastic. Plus, Rand has received some excellent attention in the media recently.

First, congratulations on the Newsweek article and for getting Slashdotted, twice in such a short period of time!

I remember reading in the Search Engine Watch forums a while back about how you were considering attending the Search Engine Strategies conference. It seemed shortly after you were explaining Google patents with Dr. Garcia on a SES panel. The growth of your visibility and involvement in the industry is impressive.

Lee: Please describe your background and how did you get involved with search engine optimization?

Lee Odden

Interview with Barry Schwartz (RustyBrick) of Search Engine Roundtable

Spotlight on Search – Barry Schwartz

Here’s the next installement in the series of Monday interviews called “Spotlight on Search”. Today’s interview is with Barry Schwartz, who runs a web application development business called RustyBrick, edits and writes the Search Engine Roundtable blog, serves as moderator on numerous forums, provides editorial coverage and speaks at Search Marketing conferences.

Lee: Tell us about your background and your business, RustyBrick

Barry:  RustyBrick is a Web development firm my twin brother and I started back in high school, actually.  My brother is the tech side of the business and I am the business side.  We have 8 employees right now, looking to hire two to three more PHP/MySQL developers.  So if you know any coders willing to work in the New York area, please send them my way.

Lee Odden

Search Engine News Blog

When I first started Online Marketing Blog in Dec 2003, it was mostly a reblog. I would post links to articles I found interesting on the web. I would also add comments to those links.  When I transferred the blog away from blogspot.com hosting to it’s own domain name and WordPress, I also stopped posting news links for the most part and moved those sorts of posts to a blog I was using to develop article ideas. I’ve had Thomas update the layout of that blog and it is now called Search Marketing News.