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Brett Tabke Interview on Pubcon & WebmasterWorld

One of the hottest topics in marketing is search marketing and many webmasters, company marketers and agencies are scrambling to acquire the knowledge necessary to serve their clients.

Next week the search marketing conference, Pubcon 10, kicks off in Las Vegas. Founded by Brett Tabke, who also founded WebmasterWorld, the Pubcon conference has grown significantly in recent years and has served as an excellent resource for search marketers world-wide.

With an audience that started initially with independent webmasters and mom-pop company online marketers, the Pubcon conference now includes a broad range of search marketers and companies including corporate online marketing staff, search marketing and interactive agencies from all over the world.

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Google to Pay $1 for every Firefox Download

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But who cares about that, when Google will pay $100 once you sign up a publisher on AdSense that makes their own $100.

Google is certainly bumping up it’s referral program. If you have an AdSense account, login and click on the referrals tab, you get code for Google AdWords and FireFox with Google Toolbar referrals.

Google AdWords Referral Ads
AdSense Referral Ads

FireFox with Google Toolbar
Firefox Referral Ad

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State of Search Engine Marketing Survey – Round Two

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SEMPO has kicked off their second “State of Search Engine Marketing” survey.

You can view information about last year’s survey where some very interesting insight was gained:

  • Advertisers expect to spend $4bn on search marketing
  • Paid search was allocated 81%
  • Organic search was allocated 12%
  • Paid inclusion was allocated 4%
  • Brand awareness was the #1 goal for search marketing
  • Advertisers expected to spend 39% more on search marketing on average over the previous year

Founding member and Chairman of SEMPO, Kevin Lee, provides a great breakdown on the details of the current survey on his ClickZ column.

“Marketers want to know what practices, attitudes, best practices, and benchmarks are common within the search marketplace. The survey will go beyond gathering data. It will establish benchmarks to help the industry understand advertisers’ and agencies’ motivations and attitudes.”

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Online Marketing Resources Blog

Just a reminder/announcement that I am posting links to very interesting news bits, stories and blog posts over at Online Marketing Resources Blog, when I do not have time to write a complete review here.

Today there are goodies ranging from a new Google patent that will make personalized search standard for everyone to the new and very cool Yahoo Maps beta. Check it out.

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Search Engine Updates

Looks like Tim Mayer of Yahoo has announced a “fourth weather report” about an imminent update to their index.

Matt Cutts of Google also posts on Jagger3, referencing recent changes made with Google’s ranking particulars as “coming along”.

Not only are there names being given to these updates, but iterations – 1, 2, 3, etc. I suppose this is akin to software updates: Version, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.

Web site owners, don’t need to “do” anything in reaction or proactively to these kinds of updates. They should know something is happening though, should site rankings fall or fluctuate dramatically and then persist.

One thing I’ve found is that the less “dramatic” the SEO tactics implemented on a site, the less “dramatic” the fluctuations these types of updates will have on a particular web site.

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TopRank Gets Ranked Top Ten

Each month, the site TopSEOs.com ranks search engine optimization firms from all over the world according to various criteria. From the TopSEOs.com site:

“Customer feedback is a criteria that is evaluated in determining the rankings. In evaluating each applicant, Topseos.com considers the following key factors:”

1. What are the applicant firm’s competitive advantages?
2. How are the applicant’s services and pricing levels superior to the competition?
3. What is the availability of customer and technical support?
4. What is the average response time and time-to-resolution for client problems?
5. What SLA does the applicant provide?
6. What other attributes/innovations does the applicant provide to set it apart from the competition?
7. What is the average rating for the firm in terms of customer service?
8. What is the average rating for the firm in terms of efficiency?
9. What is the average rating for the firm in terms of overall performance?

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ePrecis an impressive search tool

There’s a pretty innovative search tool that I mentioned on the online marketing links blog earlier this week called ePr?�cis. Ward Johnson of ePr?�cis who has been working with the development of the tool the past few years with a group of linguists at the University of Minnesota called me last week to talk about it. ePr?�cis is not a search engine that crawls the web collecting it’s own data per se, rather it is an application that overlays existing search results data and creates abstracts. Johnson mentioned it works best with more technical queries such as medical, scientific, legal, etc, but compares very much to Google results on just about any search.

Here’s a more specific explanation of ePrecis from the white paper: