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New Blog Search Engine from Google

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With all the frustration over performance issues with Technorati and relevance in results from some of the other blog search engines, Google Blog Search is a much anticipated feature. You can get to Google’s Blog Search from Google or Blogger: google.com/blogsearch or search.blogger.com

Lots of coverage on this already today:
John Battelle (last night)
Search Engine Watch

Ask Dave Taylor – has inside info that Yahoo blog search is coming soon

Recently started supporting search operators (feed: and hasfeed:) that allow you to search for feeds or web sites that include feeds. (details from Robin Good) You can also search for blogs using MSN’s Start.com.

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Search Marketing Benchmark Guide 2005-2006

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Marketing Sherpa has just released a new version of the Search Marketing Benchmark Guide.

This report is 100% newly researched including all new self-reported data from 3,271 marketers. Over 210 charts and tables are included plus 7 color eye-tracking heatmaps.

There’s a tremendous amount of useful data so you can compare your campaigns to the “norm” based on:

  • Cost per click
  • Average click rate
  • Conversion rates
  • How much marketers really budget for search
  • Optimization vs PPC results

One area I am particularly interested in is in regard to how SEO (search engine optimization) results & costs compare to Pay per Click search ad results & costs (ie: Google ad words). Especially in light of the iProspect and JupiterResearch study showing that three times more marketers see a higher ROI from SEO than SEM.

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Search Industry Blog

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Nathan Enns of FyberSearch has launched his new Search Industry Blog covering news in the search engine industry. Other services offered by FyberSearch include:

There are many things to like about FyberSearch, but one feature Nathan has implemented that would be nice for Google, Yahoo and MSN to add is an “URL inclusion status” check. There’s also free site search tool you can place on your own site.

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My Algorithm SEO Will Beat Up Your Content SEO

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Blog post titles can be fun. This post isn’t as much about algorithmic SEO versus content SEO as it is about a balance. ClickZ posted an interesting article recently on algorithm chasing from the last Search Engine Strategies conference that distinguishes the difference between algorithmic search engine optimization and content based optimization.

The message was that paying too much attention to the latest algorithm change or relying on “holes” in search engine algorithms may only yield short term results. And that an emphasis on content provides the best long term results.

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Monday Search Marketing News

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eBay to buy Skype for $4 billion – Free web calls to boost online auctions

GoFish Technologies launches Web and Multimedia Search Engine

Marketing Sherpa Case Study – Using a Podcast and Whitepaper for lead generation

Completely Redesigned WebPosition 4 Released

John Jantsch offers a free teleseminar “Seven Steps To Creating the Ultimate Small Business Marketing System.” Sept. 21st

Review at Business Week of John Battelle’s new book: THE SEARCH – How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture

MSN Offers New APIs – Search Engine Journal

Also, I noticed that Andrew Goodman’s updated version of his Google AdWords book has finally been published.

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Say hello to Jim’s Blog

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I was perusing Technorati backlinks as I am prone to due while the mind is still numb on an early Saturday morning, and noticed that Jim Boykin, CEO of WeBuildPages has started a SEO blog. Jim runs a top notch SEO company and is very talented at search engine optimization himself.

I finally got the chance to meet Jim at Search Engine Strategies in San Jose and it was great chatting about SEO with someone who has been at it as long as he has.

I wonder of the Seth Godin ebook, “Who’s Where РSeth Godwin’s guide to blogs and the new web” he mentions on his second post had anything to do with starting a blog? It might have helped that one of his key people, Todd Mailcoat (Stuntdubl) has created an excellent blog himself.

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Google Update Gilligan – Or Not

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Matt Cutts clarifies what SEOs are calling the “Gilligan” update that’s been happening with Google over the past few days on his blog.

What shows as Page Rank and back links now, is data that has already been factored into current rankings. He clarifies that a real update is when Google makes algorithm changes.

“Technically Update Gilligan is just backlink/PageRank data becoming visible once more, not a real update. There haven‚Äôt been any substantial algorithmic changes in our scoring in the last few days.”

Even with commentary like this from Google, lots of people will still spend lots of time analyzing every little change with Google. Just as fun as looking for Bigfoot, Elvis and Aliens from outer space. Or not.

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For SEO Results, Remember What’s Important

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A while back I wrote an article about whether SEO firms should offer a guarantee or not. The just of it was that search engines are in control, not SEOs. Some overzealous SEO consultants may have you think otherwise. With all the hype about rankings, many companies lose sight of what’s really important, conversions and sales.

Here’s a slightly edited exchange I had yesterday. I removed specific references:

“Yes I have a budget but I would like to pay based on results as opposed to paying for tasks that I don’t really understand. I would pay up to $xx/month if you can keep me in the top 5 on Google and $x/month if you can keep me in the top 10 for the search terms “insert search phrase here”. If you can get me up in the rest of the engines as well, then I could see going to $xxx/month for top 10 with many of the other SEs also in the top 10. Let me know if you can work with this type of arrangement.”

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Howdy Pilgrim – Andy Beal Launches New Blog

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Here I thought maybe Andy Beal was going to go with andybeal.com as his new blog. That’s not the case according to an email I just received from him. Andy has launched a new search engine marketing blog called Marketing Pilgrim, “your guide to search, interactive and new media”.

No hint as to what he’s up to though. I’m sure lots of people will be watching. Here’s the RSS feed. Nice to have you back Andy!

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MSN Start.com Feed & Blog Search

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I had a chance to try out the latest version of MSN’s Start.com this am and noticed the “Search for feeds” option under the “Add Content” area, which is basically a blog search. Results are not bad.

This is the Online Marketing Blog/2005/06/msn-startcom-v30.html”>Start.com Version 3 that was in beta earlier this summer where you were supposed to take a quiz to access it.

In order for your added content to be saved, you need to login using Microsoft Passport.

MSN Start.com Blog notes several other improvements.

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Search Engine and Blog News Bits

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Google Turns 7 Today – Search Engine Roundtable

Google Synonym Patent – Better search for Google? And potential optimization strategies in response – Threadwatch & Search Engine Watch

Blog Link Tracking – Ranking, tracking and discovering blogs. Technorati has been sucking a lot lately, so who’s up to the task? – Blog Herald & WSJ

Phishing OK with Yahoo? – Search Engine Journal

Google Backlink Update and Yahoo Updating – So what? “A watched pot never boils.”

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Multlingual Search Marketing Blog

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Since yesterday was a U.S. holiday, I did not see Andy’s email until today that his beta Multilingual Search Blog that I posted about back in Online Marketing Blog/2005/04/multilingual-seo.html”>April has just gone through a major upgrade and has launched as www.multilingual-search.com

Andy Atkins-Kruger who is the Managing Editor has this to say about the launch:

“We felt there was a gap in the information available to search marketers who are targeting the non-English speaking world in particular. Very quickly we discovered there was a lot going on which was under-reported. Using local search marketers ?Ǭñ we can get the news worldwide as it happens. The blog user can choose to view posts by country which is something marketers asked us for to facilitate their planning and research efforts.”¬î