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Optimized Press Release Distribution

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Optimizing your press releases for important keywords is a great way to ensure visibility of your announcements via keyword queries on news search engines including Google News, Yahoo News, MSNBC Newsbot and Topix.net.

Search engine optimization techniques can be used with press releases as they are with any web document. Once your press release is optimized, using the right mix of newswire distribution services can have a significant impact on how effective your releases is at creating links.

Below is a list of press release distribution services that are search engine friendly and can offer an excellent channel for link building as well as getting your news distributed.


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Brand or Demand Search Engine Optimization

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Should you optimize your web site for demand/lead generation or for branding? This session on search engine optimization by Barbara Coll of Webmamma and Rob Garner of Agency.com covered the basics of both.

Pay per click can help your organic search results in two ways:

  • Use pay per click to test keyword conversions and ad text
  • Pay per click using the best performing organic search phrases can increase the click through rates on the organic listings

Barbara Coll covered the basics of SEO (search engine optimization) by focusing on getting the “team” that will be involved in the site optimization project whether you need to convince them with facts or just bribe them.

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Where’s the Beef, Chief? CMO Panel ad:tech

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From the challenge of managing hundreds of web sites to modest interactive budgets, the “CMO Panel: Delivering Digitally” session offered excellent insight into how top marketing professionals manage online/offline budgets, agencies and initiatives. Overall, all panelists were fairly satisfied with their performance with opportunities for improvement focusing on either paid search or organic and keen interest in opportunities with blogs.

Panelists included:

  • Catherine Muriel, CMO of E-LOAN
  • Mike Moore, Director, Purina Interactive Group
  • Steve Pinetti, SVP Marketing, Kimpton Hotel
  • Benjamin Hill, Senior Director, Global Marketing; Motorola

Moderator Susan Bratton asked the panelists to grade their efforts at leveraging the internet for marketing. Each panelist graded themselves in the “B” range but for a variety of reasons ranging from an emphasis on PPC to search and none on organic and vice versa.

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National Arbitration Forum Issues Decision on Google Web Addresses

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The National Arbitration Forum announced that a ruling has been issued in favor of Google regarding rights to the Internet domain names googkle.com, ghoogle.com, gfoogle.com and gooigle.com.

Google Inc., represented by Rose A. Hagan, filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum on May 11, 2005 asserting legal rights to the Web addresses bearing close resemblance to Google.com.

Ruling in Google’s favor, National Arbitration Forum arbitrator Paul A. Dorf found that the other party, Sergey Gridasov, registered the googkle.com and ghoogle.com on December 30, 2000 and the domain names gfoogle.com and gooigle.com on January 12, 2001—after Google registered its domain in late 1999. The other party was also using the disputed domain names to direct Internet users to Web sites that attempt to download viruses, trojan horses and spyware to the users’ computers. The disputed domain names contain links to various products unrelated to Google.

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Lightning Strikes with New Blog Marketing Book

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John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing who is a fellow AllBusiness.com blogger, has published a new 130 page e-book called, “Blog Lightning“, a step by step guide to building and promoting a blog.

The Blog Lightning e-book also includes 14 screencast video tutorials that show each step in the program. (sample here) I have to say, the screencasts make this e-book a foolproof way for anyone who is not familiar with blogging to get started.

Interest in business blogs is achieving significant momentum and Blog Lightning provides an excellent starting point for anyone that wants to create and market their own blog. Nice job John!

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Integrated Marketing Communications Client-Agency Tango

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The “Client Agency Tango: IMC-Style” session presents the often complicated task of coordinating integrated marketing communications between multiple internal teams, outside agencies and vendors and also had nearly as many panel speakers as participants.

Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) was in a unique situation with UL as a 110 year old company that just started marketing 5 years ago. A rebranding effort was handled by Slack Barshinger.

American Airlines offered an overview of their strategic positioning initiative handled by TM Advertising. The objective was to position American brand against low cost carriers by creating an emotional, human aspect to the AA brand. “We know why you fly” was incorporated into several channel promotions: TV, print, online, out-of-home and whyyoufly.com.

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How social technologies are changing business

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This session was presented by Jennifer Rice, a brand strategy consultant. The presentation addresses blogs, wikis and forums, peer to peer networks, but mostly emphasized blogs.

Many aspects of our society are becoming fragmented, disconnected. The web helps re-create those connections. How we connect with people is changing, social networking.

Rice gave some good examples of how blogs can be a platform for communication outside of traditional channels also discussed the notion of the connected consumer. Consumers can do many things to affect your brand in a positive way using social technologies. Examples ranged from discussion forums where expert users of your products can answer questions from newbies to distributed storefronts. “You’re no longer in control of your brand” you can direct it, but there are other influences.

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ad:tech Keynote with P&G & Chrysler

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This morning’s keynote included Ted McConnell, Manager Interactive Marketing Innovation for P&G and Jeff Bell VP Chrysler & Jeep.

First up was Ted McConnell from Procter & Gamble. He started out discussing the state of interactive: what’s working and what’s not working. He offers big kudos to the interactive industry for being so innovative and creative.

Last year there was a $9.6 billion spend on interactive out of $264 billion overall. That means only a 3.7% of total ad spend and interactive has been around 10 years. Why?

The underlying problem with interactive is acceptance. Interactive needs reliable, historical data to improve confidence for increased ad budgets. Engagement is the measure that can differentiate interactive. “If we don’t change we’ll never “break out” from the current level of spending.

Lee Odden

New ad:tech

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

Today is the first day of AD:TECH Chicago and I’ll be covering the following sessions:

  • Keynote with Ted McConnell, Manager, Interactive Marketing Innovation and Jeff Bell, Vice President, Chrysler & Jeep Chrysler Group
  • Brand Humanity: How Social Technologies are Changing the Way We Do Business
  • SupahMega Trends Global in Online Media
  • Client Agency Tango: IMC-Style
  • Keynote – Rules for Revolutionary Marketer – Guy Kawasaki, Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures

ad:tech has also launched a new look including a new web site. Unfortunatley, the new ad:tech web site commits SEO suicide and posts all the text and links within Flash – offering limited, if any, opportunity for indexing by search engines. It is however, very interactive with a cool promo video.

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Feedplex RSS Search Engine Adds Features

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FyberSearch has added 11 advanced features to the XML/RSS search engine FeedPlex. FeedPlex is a search engine for Internet users who are interested in finding XML and RSS files located on blogs and other websites. Webmasters and bloggers can easily add their RSS feed to the FeedPlex search engine.

The new RSS search features include: “Keyword Density”, “Words Per Page” and “Category”.

A short glimpse of the Online Marketing Blog/2005/07/yahoo-tests-blog-search-engine.html”>Yahoo RSS and blog search feature was available last week.

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Try Google SMS

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You can now test Google SMS on the web or you can try it out with your web browser enabled cell phone. Search operators include: Local, phonebook, Driving directions, Movies, Weather, Stock quotes, Q&A, Glossary, Froogle, Zip code, Area code and Calculator.

Yahoo recently announced the launch of their Online Marketing Blog/2005/07/yahoo-offers-sms-search.html”>SMS search service last week.

More info from SearchEngineWatch or from the Google SMS FAQ.

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Yahoo Tests Blog Search Engine

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Steve Rubel points out that Yahoo has been testing a RSS and Blog search feature. The test site has been taken down, but Steve has this screen capture.

Online Marketing Blog/2005/07/bloglines-ceo-mark-fletcher-interview.html”>Bloglines is working on a blog search engine that uses Teoma search technology.

My favorite blog and RSS search engines are currently Technorati and Findory.

Gigablast also recently launched a blog search feature.

IceRocket has a blog search feature, but so far, the search results are not good at all.

I say, the more the merrier!