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Yahoo Tests Blog Search Engine

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Steve Rubel points out that Yahoo has been testing a RSS and Blog search feature. The test site has been taken down, but Steve has this screen capture.

Online Marketing Blog/2005/07/bloglines-ceo-mark-fletcher-interview.html”>Bloglines is working on a blog search engine that uses Teoma search technology.

My favorite blog and RSS search engines are currently Technorati and Findory.

Gigablast also recently launched a blog search feature.

IceRocket has a blog search feature, but so far, the search results are not good at all.

I say, the more the merrier!

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Blogging AD:TECH

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This weekend I’m off to the AD:TECH interactive marketing conference in Chicago for Mon/Tues next week. I was fortunate to be one of the bloggers selected to cover the conference on the AD:TECH Blog.

I will be blogging 5 of the sessions ranging from “Brand Humanity: How Social Technologies are Changing the Way We Do Business” to “Achieving Balance in Your Search Mix”.

While I’ve personally blogged while attending conferences such as Search Engine Strategies and WebmasterWorld Search Conference, I’ve not formally been involved with conference blogging before so it should be fun.

I am also interviewing several people in the interactive/search marketing industry and will be posting those to this blog as well as Search Engine Smarts at AllBusiness.com and Lockergnome.

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Bloglines CEO Mark Fletcher Interview

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Erin Bradley of SearchViews blog posted a great interview with Mark Fletcher of Bloglines covering blog search, the Jeeves acquisition and something about the Tijuana police.

Blog Search – “There are 3 key components required to deliver world-class blog search: a deep index of blog and news feed content, the capability to find and index new content quickly, and world-class search technology that brings relevant search results to users. Bloglines is the only service that has all three elements.”

Ask Jeeves Acquisition – “Joining Ask Jeeves gives us the opportunity to run with the big dogs. The benefits include access to more resources, access to amazing brainpower, and access to world-class search technologies. The challenge has been hiring as quickly as we want to grow.”

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Hitwise launches keyword research tool

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Hitwise has launched a new keyword research tool called Keyword Intelligence. Basically, it’s a scaled down version of their main competitive intelligence products, but still powerful and much more affordable. Barry at SERoundtable.com was able to preview the product and offers a good review.

Here’s an overview of the three major components:
(1) Search Term Suggestions – provides the most popular search term variations for any word
(2) Industry Search Terms – provides the most popular search terms for over 160 industries
(3) Search Term Portfolios – an easy to use tool to manage keyword lists

Tags: Keyword Intelligence, Hitwise, SEO

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Hell Yeah – Aaron’s interview with Dave Naylor

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Aaron Wall of Search Marketing info has posted a good interview with long time SEO DaveN
who publishes a very interesting SEO blog. Dave’s tactics are bit more risky than most.

Topics range from disposable domain names (you don’t want to know) to what will work for most webmasters to the future of (aggressive) SEO: “SEO will become much darker as the search engines get cleverer, SEO‚Äôs will have to adopt and adapt new techniques.”

There are some good tips regarding linking, importance of algorithms and the right time to be aggressive – worth a read.

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Are search engines hurting your brand?

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Often times, negative comments (true or false) on blogs can gain prominent rankings in search engines for company trademark names. Many company web site admin or marketing staff scramble on how to address these issues. Some companies do not monitor the rankings of their trademark names in search engines at all.

Market Sentinel offers examples including: “40% of the UK’s top grocery brands’ feature at least one detractor in their Google top ten” in a new paper authored in conjunction with Weboptimiser. The paper examines the threats to brands posed by blogs and message boards and includes detailed techniques for responding to those threats including using search optimization along with rebuttal techniques such as blogging and RSS.

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Web Analytics Association developing university program

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In a partnership between the Web Analytics Association (WAA) and the University of British Columbia the first comprehensive university-level web analytics program is under development. The program is called the Web Analytics Award of Achievement and will be delivered 100% online.

Learning Units will be divided between Opinions and Case studies. Course content will cover three primary areas:

  1. Web Site Optimization – Usability, Search Engine Optimization, Navigation, Checkout Funnels, Visitor Paths
  2. Measuring / Managing Marketing Campaigns – Creative Testing, Pay-Per-Click, E-mail Marketing, Banners / other Display ad units, Rich Media
  3. Analytical Business Culture – “People issues” including organizational buy-in for analytics usage and data-driven decision making, choosing and deploying the right solutions to meet business needs, staffing and training the organization properly, and communicating information to diverse constituents.
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Top 30 SEO firms

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One thing I don’t do a lot of is shameless self promotion, but I just received an email from TopSEOs.com saying for the fifth month in a row, TopRank Online Marketing has been ranked as one of the top 30 SEO firms. Here’s the criteria:

“Every firm that is considered for inclusion into the Top 30 Directory is put through these set of questions.”

Customer feedback is a criteria that is evaluated in determining the rankings. In evaluating each applicant, Topseos.com considers the following key factors:

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Online retailers test blogging

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A NY Times article today covers how retailers are using blogs to give “their stores more personality and giving customers a reason to return even when they’re not in the mood to buy.” Full article

In the past 6 months we’ve noticed a significant increase in interest from online retailers that want to use blogs for a variety of purposes ranging from brand building to direct sales via RSS feeds. As a communications channel, blog and RSS offer excellent options for retailers to augment their current marketing initiatives.

It’s still early in the game though, and many retailers will be looking to early adopters for evidence of results.

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Missing SEO Please help find Ian Turner

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Update: Ian Turner has been found in Atlanta. He apparently had some issues with his passport. Glad to hear he’s safe. LOTS of support on this from the SEO/SEM community – well done.

Ian Turner, a SEO from the UK has gone missing after attending the WMW conference in New Orleans. If you’ve seen him, please find authority contact info here. More facts here.

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Back into the swing

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I’m happy to report the “Mayan Riviera” is an excellent place to spend a week away from the search marketing business. Despite a little difficulty getting out of Mexico and lost luggage, it was an excellent trip with a minimum of Internet usage and lots of relaxation.

Thank you to Thomas who has, as always, done an excellent job filling in with timely and informative blog posts regarding search engine marketing and blogs. Be sure to check out his newest blog project, SEO Blog Marketing.

TopRank Marketing Editor

Google is tracking you to give you better results.

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The problem with advancements in technology is the fact that the users’ privacy has a tendency to get in the way. Google launched on Tuesday and it now tracks where you go in order to give you better results in the future.

With the launch of Personalized Search, you can use that search history you’ve been building to get better results. You probably won’t notice much difference at first, but as your search history grows, your personalized results will gradually improve. –

Of course, in order for Google to track someone, they must have a Google account and be logged in. So if you don’t want Google following you, don’t log in any Google services before searching.