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Internet Marketing Channel at Lockergnome.com

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I’ve signed on to write for Lockergnome’s new Internet Marketing channel recently.

“Read this channel for the latest information on internet marketing strategies and processes, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, online public relations and blog marketing. Search engine industry news, resources and tactics will be posted daily from some of the top experts in the industry.”

There are just a few posts so far, but definitely check it out. My posts will concentrate on search engine marketing /optimization and blog marketing drawing on 7+ years of marketing on the Internet. There are other contributors that will cover the gamut of internet marketing strategies as well. Go ahead and subscribe to the Internet Marketing feed.

Lee Odden

Opportunity with Natural Search Marketing

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

Several good articles have been posted recently on the pros and cons of PPC versus natural search engine optimization. One from SearchViews blog, “SEM vs. SEO: Strengths & Synergies” and another from Internet Retailer, “Search Engine Marketing: Paid Or Natural?” caught my attention. What emerges from these articles jivves with my own experience – a combined strategy yields the most impressive results.

However many companies and agencies rely almost exclusively on paid search or PPC. While there are pros and cons for SEO and SEM, and one might be more appropriate for some businesses than others, such a strategy is questionable. A disparity exists between budgets allocated for paid search marketing and consumer search behavior. Consider these facts:

  • In 2004 $4.087 billion was spent on search marketing
    • 81.8% went to paid placement (PPC, CPC) programs
Lee Odden

Internet news readership grows at expense of TV, print

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

An iMediaConnection article this morning points out research from JupiterResearch overviews how increasing numbers of young adults use the Internet for news.

Here’s a distribution of top news web sites from comScore for March 2005:

Total Internet Population 164,263

General News 93,449
MSNBC 26,953
Yahoo! News 26,099
AOL News 24,009
CNN 23,317
IBS Network 10,467
New York Times Digital 8,744
Knight Ridder Digital 8,372
USATODAY Sites 7,234
Tribune Newspapers 6,890
BBC Sites 6,747
Google News 6,700
CBS News 4,723
Advance Publications, Inc 4,456

Lee Odden

TrustRank May Cleanup Press Release Optimization Spam

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

Slashdot posts a link to an article on NewScientist.com regarding a Google patent that has garnered so much attention in the SEO world. The article describes how Google will use a variety of factors to determine the quality of news sources to rank news stories rather than the current method of date posted and keyword relevancy.

“The database will be built by continually monitoring the number of stories from all news sources, along with average story length, number with bylines, and number of the bureaux cited, along with how long they have been in business. Google’s database will also keep track of the number of staff a news source employs, the volume of internet traffic to its website and the number of countries accessing the site.”

Lee Odden

SEO and CSEO is there, should there be a difference?

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineWatch posted an excellent article regarding the ongoing reputation issues that the Search Engine Optimization industry has been experiencing. In particular, this article brings up the frequent disconnect between web designers and SEO efforts.

If you’re in the business of SEO and you’ve worked with web design or interactive shops, undoubtedly you’ve heard comments like, “your SEO makes the site ugly”. A lot of the time this comes off as elitist and arrogant because data is rarely offered to support the notion that adding text links or modifying title tags has a negative effect on site conversion.

Abundant data is available on before/after search engine optimization, where a site has significantly increased rankings, visitors and conversions. I am not saying great design is less important than search engine friendliness, but I am saying that profit generating web sites incorporate a combination of critical design and requirements for optimal search engine visibility.

Lee Odden

Online Marketing Blog Nominations

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

I was reading a post of a great Small Business Marketing Blog called Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch. I noticed he had posted about Marketing Sherpa’s call for nominations on best marketing blogs. There’s even a category for “Best Blog on Online Marketing”.

He showed examples of his blog’s rankings for “Best Small Business Marketing Blog” on several top search engines. Pretty impressive.

Since there’s a category for “Best Blog on Online Marketing” I thought I would check our rankings for: “online marketing blog”. Below are rankings for Online Marketing Blog on the top search engines for “online marketing blog“.

  • Yahoo – #1
  • Google – #1
  • Ask Jeeves – #1
  • MSN – No love from MSN. In fact, you won’t find any blogspot.com blogs ranked at MSN.
Lee Odden

Big Company SEO

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

There’s a good article at ClickZ on the sticky situation of corporate politics and SEO for bigger companies. “When Corporate Politics and SEO Collide“. It emphasizes the importance of the unique communication needs of a bigger company with interdepartmental participants affected by a SEO project. Project management skills are as important as SEO implementation skills.

This sentiment is reinforced by Stuntdubl’s post yesterday: “The best ¬ìSEO¬ís¬î are really a culmination of a variety of very diverse skills brought together to improve a business or organization¬ís marketing performance in the online arena. Top SEO¬ís are “project managers” and meta-webmasters”.

TopRank Marketing Editor

GoogSpy – What are you bidding on?

TopRank Marketing Editor     Online Marketing

GoogSpy is a new third party tool that lets you put in a companies name and return what Google Adwords they are targeting. This is great if you want to see what keywords your competitors are targeting. It can also tell you where a company ranks naturally in the top ten for certain keywords.

How does it work? According to the press release “GoogSpy.com is powered by Velocityscape’s flagship data extraction product, Web Scraper Plus+. It extracts 500,000 search results per day from Google and loads them into the GoogSpy.com database.”

Check it out now though, the logo looks very similar to Google and it’s functionality may raise red flags at Google. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Google’s lawyers step in.

Lee Odden

Findory Upgrades to a Tabbed Format

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

The Findory news and blog search/aggregation site has changed it’s home page layout to a tab format. Now you can switch between news and blogs pages by clicking on tabs at the top. The news/blog/web search option is now at the top right. General categories display on the right and selected posts appear in the main part of the page.

If you’re new to Findory, it’s a news and blog search site that personalizes the information displayed based on the searches you perform and the links “articles’ you click on. This is a welcome feature considering the large number of news and blog sites available. If you want to track a particular blog, like SEO Online Marketing Blog, you can bookmark the unique url. Findory offers RSS feeds for news and blog categories as well.

Lee Odden

Google AdWords Site Targeting Enhancements

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

Significant changes to Google AdWords are in store in the next few weeks:

* Target users by site – pick which sites your ads appear on, allowing you to view who Google content partners are.
* New max CPM bidding option – The CPM ads will compete with traditional AdWords ads with a minimum CPM of $2.
* Additional ad formats – banner, leaderboard, inline rectangle, skyscraper, wide skyscraper.

“What we’re expecting customers to do here is open themselves up to all of the types of opportunities at Google,” said Tim Armstrong, vice president of ad sales for Google. “This will be a way to keep the scale but use the feature to also target.

Lee Odden

Multilingual SEO

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

I don’t often highlight particular blogs here, but there is a new blog from my friend Andy Atkins-Kr?ºger of Web Certain that anyone interested in multilingual search engine marketing, particularly in Europe, should take note of.

The purpose of the blog is to bring information on the rapidly growing search market in continental Europe to a wider audience – easily accesible and summarized in English even if the source is not. Pretty nice feature for those of us who do not speak 3, 4 or 5 languages!

From Andy:

Lee Odden

Yahoo Search Marketing

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

From the announcement email to Overture advertisers:
“As previously announced, Overture and parent company Yahoo! have combined their search marketing products under a new name ‚Äì Yahoo! Search Marketing. The products and services previously brought to you by Overture are now available through the Yahoo! Search Marketing Manage My Accounts page.”

NEWS.com reports that new YSM services include: Travel Submit which enables advertisers to submit offers to Yahoo’s travel Web site, Marketing Console tracks advertising campaigns and Search Optimizer enhances ad campaign performance.

Basically, Yahoo has combined all of their advertising services into one tool – and that does make it easier to manage. Yahoo is doing a lot of things “right” these days: Bloomberg reports Yahoo may be reporting a 60 percent profit surge in the first quarter.